Wednesday , July 18 2018

Hired from home country – Transfer of visa before 3 yrs

Can you please clarify on the issues below? Company hired me from India for the post of accountant and I have a university degree. I have completed one year and two months on company residency.

Question A: If I got new job will I get release from the company?

B: What legal action can the company take against me if I got new job and I resign?

Name withheld

Answer: Under the Kuwait Labour Law, if a company hires you from your home country, you are legally bound to work for that company for three years irrespective of whether you are a university graduate or not.

You can, therefore, not resign from the company or get a release before the end of the 3-year mandatory service. A case of breach of contract and absconding from duty can be filed against you if you abandon work before the end of three years.

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