Wednesday , July 18 2018

High temperatures, school summer holidays tied to less traffic on roads – ‘Situation should continue throughout the year’

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 18: Traffic congestion on the roads of Kuwait during this month is less compared to the rest of the months. The roads usually start experiencing traffic jams from the beginning of the school year.

Many citizens and expatriates have expressed hope that the current traffic state will continue throughout the year.

A Kuwaiti citizen Mohammad Al- Nasser said traffic congestion is very less these days due to which motorists are more relaxed while driving. He expressed hope that such a traffic state will remain throughout the year.

Another citizen Bu Jaber said many roads in Kuwait are empty during the summer months because the schools are closed during the summer season and many citizens and expatriates spend their vacation overseas during this time.

Umm Saoud said there are many reasons for easy traffic flow during the summer. One of these reasons is the high temperatures in the country because of which citizens prefer to stay at home and will go out only for urgent purposes.

Another citizen Mohammad Bu Abdulmohsen insisted that Ministry of Interior must carry out a study to determine the real reasons behind the traffic jams experienced on most roads in the country, and it must find effective solutions to this serious problem.

Adel Bader suggested that the best solution to the traffic congestion in the country is to establish underground subways which will solve at least 70 percent of the problem. Kuwaiti citizen Abu Abdullah also supported the idea of establishing subways, as many Gulf countries have subways due to which they do not suffer from the traffic congestion that is experienced in Kuwait.

By Najeh Bilal Al-Seyassah Staff

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