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Hey cowboy! … We are not Red Indians

Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times
Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

HAS the cowboy mentality returned to dominate the political demeanor of the members of US Congress to the extent that they consider other global nations as Red Indians whose land they think they can steal and wealth they can control?

We hope that is not the actual case. We also hope they realize that people in the Arab and Muslim world are not Red Indians and that “JASTA”, in simple terms, is just sand thrown first on the heads of the Americans before they even get to any other country or nation.

With this law known as JASTA (Justice against Sponsors of Terrorism Act), the issue is no longer about differences of opinion of two allies. Instead, it has become an existential challenge that needs realistic checks on every possible tool which can be used in confronting the aggression that has lasted for 15 years so far.

From the time when George Bush Jr said in 2001 after the 9/11 attacks that, “It is crusade war” excavating historic graves with that statement in order to remove cadavers of hatred, the use of the term called ‘The New Middle East’ began, followed by random voices raised against moderate Arab and Islamic countries.

This law does not target just the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council but it is gradually luring revenge against Americans in every country that suffered from the American politics throughout the previous century.

What the decision maker (representatives of companies in US administration), who had clearly given his directives to the Congress Council, failed to comprehend was that he has dropped the mask of lies of democracy from the face of the US and exposed its reality, which is that the United States of America is no different from any of the Third World countries, which is being blackmailed under the pretext of democracy and human rights slogans.

Furthermore, perhaps the illusion of excess power and the legacy of Red Indians’ genocide made him forget that, that era is long gone and the rationality of countries and alliances based on interests are the main elements that govern international relations. In addition, he may have ignored the fact that those targeted by this law have financial and population strength which qualify them to review their relations based on their interests.

There could be someone who thinks that “JASTA” can intimidate the targeted countries. However, in reality, this law is against the United States of America itself because it reveals the extent it belittles the international laws through the conviction within its political circles that USA is the only superpower in the world and is able to control countries as it pleases.

Not forgetting the fact that USA is burdened with debt of almost $18.65 trillion, such unprecedented amount of debt indicates that the country is suffering from a series of structural and constitutional diseases that are expedited by its old age.

Therefore, since the fake political face mask of USA is starting to fall, the Arab and Muslim world will no longer fall for its tricks or varying political stances. The Arab and Muslim countries are not tools that can be used to hoodwink the US public opinion for gaining votes in the upcoming presidential elections. They are not tools that can be used to safeguard major interests of companies that are ogling for a share of Iran’s cake that is currently being baked through attempts to weaken Saudi Arabia, which is the main obstacle in the execution of the Persian expansionism scheme in the region.

This law is like a time bomb planted by the Congress in their backyard. It will be met by mines of legislations in majority of the countries that strive to light the explosive cord of that bomb.

It can pave way for referring American leaders to the International Criminal Court as the sponsors of terrorism that resulted in the 9/11 attacks through their support of the “Afghan Jihadists”, as was known in the 1980s, as well as all its crimes in the world.

The cowboys’ justice will not succeed by publicly robbing the wealth of countries. Instead, it will intensify international animosity against Washington, especially when facing fierce players who are waiting for an opportunity to pounce on it and end its romp in the world.

Indeed, this “JASTA” law, as described by the US President Barrak Obama, is “a mistake committed by the Congress that can start a dangerous pattern in the sense that it can expose the United States to lawsuits filed by people from countries worldwide that have been affected by American foreign policies.”

However, what the coming days will bring will be more than what Obama and the Congress would have imagined, even if the law is not passed or if it undergoes some amendments.

This law has legally opened a window of vengeance for the whole world against the United States of America such that it will not be able to block any blow because the winner is not the one who fires the first bullet but the one who shoots last.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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