Sunday , October 21 2018

Heroin found with wanted man – Egyptians carrying drugs

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 27: A 1989-born Kuwaiti citizen, who is wanted by law for a financial case of KD 90,000, was arrested in Firdous area in possession of a substance suspected to be heroin, reports Al-Anba daily. According to security sources, Farwaniya securitymen were patrolling Firdous area based on instructions from Farwaniya Security Director Major General Saleh Matar.

They noticed a vehicle that was parked in an open yard with an occupant inside. They approached the vehicle and knocked on the window, demanding the driver to open. He was found to be in a disoriented state and holding a black wallet. When they asked him about the contents of the wallet, he appeared confused and said it did not belong to him. They checked his details and discovered he is a Kuwaiti citizen who is wanted for a financial case.

They checked the wallet to find three sachets of a white substance suspected to be heroin. They also found drug paraphernalia in the vehicle. He was arrested and referred with the confiscated items to the Drugs Control General Department (DCGD).

Meanwhile, two Egyptian expatriates were arrested in Farwaniya area in possession of drugs. According to security sources, Farwaniya securitymen, while patrolling the area, noticed a speeding vehicle and ordered the driver to pull over. When he refused, securitymen chased him and eventually forced him to stop. They checked the details of the two occupants to discover they are Egyptian expatriates. Securitymen found five sachets of methamphetamine when they searched the vehicle. The driver and his companion were referred with the drugs to DCGD for necessary legal action. In addition, a 1981-born Ethiopian expatriate was arrested in possession of two sachets of methamphetamine. He was referred to the concerned authorities for investigations.

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