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Having second child in Kuwait

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I was born in Kuwait in 1979 and very grateful to this country and people for giving us an equal chance to reside along with other expatriates and its citizens. I am a driver by profession and as per my work permit I draw a salary of KD 410 per month. I also receive an additional sum of KD 225 from overtime and as housing allowance. My wife is a homemaker. Our 1st child was born in Kuwait on December 2016. They are on my sponsorship. We now wish to have a 2nd child and would like to know if I am allowed to sponsor & have our baby delivered in Kuwait itself, if God wills.

Name withheld

Answer: You already have a child who is under your sponsorship and there is no law in Kuwait that says you can’t have a second baby after the first in Kuwait. We believe you will be able to sponsor the second baby even though your salary is below the new minimum of KD 500 allowed for sponsorship since you were already a sponsor before the new law came into effect; to be able to sponsor the second baby however, you may need clearance from the director-general of the Immigration Department.

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