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Sunday , February 23 2020

Gulf nationals are partners in Houthi’s crimes

PERHAPS, some Gulf nationals supporting war crimes committed by the Houthis against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia need lessons in international law and the responsibility which instigators of such crimes bear; but before all that, they need lessons in patriotism and pan-Arabism. It is necessary for those applauding and praising the Iranian missiles launched by the Houthis to realize that those who sold their nation and people, and then killed their ally — Ali Abdullah Saleh — who assisted them in their aggression, will never spare them once they prevail in their agenda.

In fact, they will even turn against those who are supporting them with money and weapons; hence, it is very shameful for someone carrying the Gulf identity to support the Houthi’s crimes against Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries. Undoubtedly, they are not Gulf nationals and they have no Arabic roots. What transpired in the last two days in relation to Iran’s strikes on Saudi Arabia with blind missiles is an indication of senseless aggression. All intelligent people have realized the motives behind such attack.

The first motive is the Mullah regime having an illusion that its aggravation through the Houthis will enable it to put pressure on the kingdom and other Gulf countries to yield to its demands. Another motive is the attempt to undermine the historic outcome of the visit of Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman to Washington and the agreements signed between the US administration and Riyadh.

These agreements include the transformation of the kingdom into an industrial pole for heavy machinery and for the US military; in addition to major cooperation in the higher education sector and the global economy opening to the kingdom. This is an indication that the instigators are just showing animosity and masquerading as Arabs, not realizing that the entire world has had enough of their terrorism practices.

They are unaware of the fact that Iran’s nuclear deal is under the microscope, and that the accountability on violations committed by Iran in this regard is fast approaching. This means all the illusions which motivate Tehran and its gangs in Sanaa, Baghdad and Beirut will evaporate in the hot summer which is awaiting the regime of ignorance and peacock arrogance. These facts are supposed to be clear for every Arab, especially the Gulf nationals.

Those instigating missile attacks on Saudi Arabia, call on the Houthis to destroy it and shed the blood of its people are similar to someone who is stealing from the house of his father in order to feed the thieves; hence, you can never trust a child who is undutiful to his parents. All that is left to be said is that the missiles which targeted the kingdom two days ago are nothing but final gasps of death.

All pieces of evidence affirm the defeat of the Houthis and their backers, whether through the advancements achieved by the national military and resistance with the support of the coalition or the starvation caused by the Houthis. This has manifested the level of hatred that the Houthis enjoy in Yemen. This group was formed on the basis of evil which will never prevail regardless of the period.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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