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Wednesday , January 29 2020

Gulf diplomatic visit terrifies Hezb, returns dwarves to their burrows

LEBANON is waiting for May 6, 2018 — the day of a serious exam for political powers which have dominated Lebanese decision for 25 years. The election will be a real challenge for Hezbollah as this will put every party to its actual dimension. Hence, when Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said he will be obligated to visit Baalbek on the day of elections, it was an indirect admission that his party will likely lose in the elections; especially since the party considers the historically deprived area of Lebanon its ‘main human resource for resistance’.

This fact obligated the ‘defiant behind television screens’, Hassan Nasrallah, to return to Lebanon and give up his fake courage in challenging Israel and echoing repeated slogans. The Lebanese and Arabs are now tired of hearing these slogans which have been repeated numerous times without any action.

Nasrallah must improve his television campaigns in order to encourage voters, taking into consideration that he was slapped in the face in his own home during the protocol visit of the Emirati ambassador to Lebanon and Saudi charge d’Affaires when the residents of Baalbek warmly welcomed the visitors despite the lack of preparations. Without a doubt, such a scene made sleep flee from Nasrallah’s eyes, his guards and their ‘Godfather’ in Tehran.

Since 1982, Hezbollah has been pushing Lebanese youths into the battlefield on behalf of the Iranians. It has been practicing complicated terrorism against the Lebanese. From the time the group assassinated former Lebanese prime minister Rafiq Al-Hariri in 2005 and later on May 7, 2009 when it savagely invaded Beirut; it has ‘confiscated’ the Lebanese decision under the pretext of resistance and narrated tales on investigating bloodshed to maintain its domination. The group did not expect that an area like Baalbek will get out of its control and go back to express Arabism in such a way which reflects the shock that the Lebanese felt over the ‘death industry’ of Hezbollah.

The Lebanese memories of Hezbollah are nothing but disasters and defeats. The 2006 war is the best example as the Lebanese lost 1,750 people; in addition to the destruction of villages, cities and infrastructure. In spite of the tragic fact, Nasrallah remained arrogant and he even regarded the outcome of this war as ‘Divine Victory’. However, he later admitted in a moment of rashness that if he had only known the consequences of the war, he would not have kidnapped the two Israeli soldiers.

Undoubtedly, the electoral defeat of Hezbollah is part of its defeat in Iran and the entire region including Iraq where Iraqis ‘explode’ the face of anyone who expresses sympathy with the Mullah regime, Syria where the Revolutionary Guard failed to convince the Syrians to change their situation by dismissing the Neo-Persians, and Yemen which the Iranians expect to be a yard for an open battle to drag Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries to a war like the one that lasted for eight years. The Iranian leaders want to divert the attention of their people away from internal problems while their fortune is being stolen.

It is known that the defeats are not just in military battles. Therefore, the policy adopted by Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries in confronting Iran resulted in the failure of the project to ‘Persianize’ the region.

Definitely, the policy of GCC countries will also lead to unrecorded electoral and political defeats of Hezbollah which is considered the ‘jewel of the crown’ for the Persian plan.

Everybody will then realize that whatever is under the turban of Hezbollah is not a clerk at all. It is nothing but an expired puppet just like the expiration of the role of the Iranian ‘Godfather’ used by America and Israel to implement their plans.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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