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Sunday , February 23 2020

‘Guilty must face law’

Violations unmasked

In spite of my ‘historical’ relationship with the Al-Rbetah Transport Company, which is mainly engaged in handling port affairs, for more than thirty years ago, when I was a bank official and helped the company with banking facilities worth millions of dinars and later buying some shares in the company, and although I had strong relations with the owners and my possessing of some shares in that company, I have never hesitated or was reluctant to write about the company’s mismanagement and other irregularities.

This view was shared by late Ahmad Al-Rubei when we together paid a secret visit to the company and discovered the truth and wrote about the large number of violations.

Following this, my relationship with almost all the company’s main owners ended and I was even subjected to a repugnant attack from some of them, who even went to the extent of putting some kind of pressure on me to stop writing about the company.

Captain Essam Al-Muzen played a big role in uncovering most of the circumstances surrounding the company’s violations since day one. His role in unmasking the big violations exposed him to the anger of some of the senior officials at the port.

This caused delays in his promotion mainly because he insisted on disclosing the mistakes to the extent that he was referred to Public Prosecution more than once due to different accusations.

I am not necessarily happy to see some of the company’s former executives behind bars. They have the opportunity to prove they are innocent. They are only accused till now. In case they have been proved guilty, consequently those influential people who supported them must be as guilty as them.

How can we accept a government official contributing hundreds of millions of dollars of public money to a fund run by an unorganized foundation, whose primary work is limited to transportation?

After all, we accuse the company of wasting the public money. Who is that senior official that approved the contribution in the fund? How can the signing of a partnership or investment agreement between a State and a party be accepted, when the company itself is another party, and one person represents the government on the one hand and the company on the other, and signs the agreement between the parties. All this happens without any objection of the other officials.

I have written more than ten articles on this subject where I directed my advices. This is applicable to what Duraid Ibn Al-Sammah says: ‘I have advised them in the right time but they did they responded when time is over.

Thus the appetite of responsible persons at the company to commit more violations has increased, bringing us to these present miserable conditions.

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By Ahmad Al Sarraf



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