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Wednesday , April 24 2019

Govt’s decision to reinstate Kuwaiti citizenship is intimidating … like a silly play

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 14: “The government’s decision to reinstate the Kuwaiti citizenship of those suspected of destabilizing national security is intimidating. It is like a silly play which justifies a vote of no cooperation in the upcoming interpellations,” says MP Mohammed Hayef.

Asked about his concept of no cooperation with the government, the MP bluntly pointed out that the National Assembly is divided – the “honorable MPs” on one side and “low MPs” on the other side. He affirmed that his name will be first on the list of MPs who will push for a vote of no cooperation if the government does not fulfill its promises, starting with the reinstatement of citizenship.

On the other hand, MP Hamdan Al-Azmi described the current relationship between the legislative and executive authorities as “tense” due to the government’s failure to take advantage of the parliamentary recess to address issues which have been raised repeatedly. He urged the government to deal with these issues and ease tension between the two authorities before the beginning of the next legislative term. He asserted it is unacceptable that some ministers continue to be lenient towards cases which clearly indicate deep rooted corruption and take individual steps that cause more problems rather than present solutions. He said ministerial work requires team effort of everyone concerned, starting with the prime minister.

Moreover, MP Adnan Abdulsamad submitted a number of queries to Minister of Health Dr Basil Al-Sabah regarding the death of a young girl identified as Durra Abdulreda Al-Herz when she underwent treatment at Abdulkareem Al-Saeed Dermatology Center.

The MP demanded for a comprehensive report on the young girl’s general health condition, including her ailment and the medications prescribed, in addition to the list of medical staff in charge of Durra’s case and complete profile of her attending physician. He asked about the procedures taken after the girl’s death and whether the protocols in place are in accordance with international standards. He requested for a step by step documentation of the action taken, as well as medical details surrounding the incident.

Furthermore, based on information relayed to MP Rakaan Al-Nusuf, the Ministry of Health will purchase a Tomotherapy machine at three times the normal price. He submitted a number of questions to the health minister in this regard. He demanded for copies of correspondences between the relevant committees and the vendor, as well as the report of the committee that finalized the decision.

On Jaber Hospital and issues surrounding its construction, MP Hamdan Al-Azmi also submitted queries to the minister of health about the recent announcement to open the hospital in stages. He wants to know the exact date the Ministry of Public Works handed over the project to its health counterpart and reasons for opening the hospital in stages instead of onetime inauguration. He also asked if there is a timeline being followed or it is based on sections completed so far.

By Ahmed Al-Naqeeb Arab Times Staff

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