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Govt warned against taking steps that will affect pockets of Kuwaiti citizens – MP Al-Anjari urges release of Musallam Al-Barrak

KUWAIT CITY, March 25: Some MPs of the dissolved 2012 Parliament’s majority bloc criticized the way the government has been dealing with the issues that are being discussed in the National Assembly. They warned the government against taking steps that will negatively impact the pockets of citizens, reports Al-Qabas daily.

They said this during a seminar titled ‘Our rights before our pockets’ held at the diwaniya of Mohammad Al-Kandari. Al-Kandari criticized the governmental methods of handling the deficit in the state budget, which he believes are not in favor of the citizens.

Indicating the spread of the negative phenomenon of buying and selling votes, he insisted that the current parliament does not represent the nation. Al-Kandari said, “As time passes, citizens are losing more of their rights”, affirming that the solution to the current problem is for the country to have a reasonable government that is capable of pleasing the citizens by solving the housing and health related problems and eliminating corruption.

He wondered how the nation can trust a government that has failed to preserve the wealth of the state during the times of prosperity and is now rushing to snatch the rights of the citizens because of the economic crisis. Meanwhile, former MP Raed Al-Adsani revealed that every time they tried to confront corruption, they had to face a group of MPs who would start blaming them for no reason.

He recalled having to face MP Abdullah Al-Turaiji when he tried to interrogate the president of the government, describing the interrogation as ‘Struggle of Shuyoukh’. Al-Adsani criticized the MP who was appointed as the Scout Head by the Minister of Education, stressing that an MP is a lawmaker who cannot be under the control of any minister.

Regarding the case of MP Abdulhameed Dashti, he said he wondered how Dashti was appointed as the rapporteur of the parliament’s Human Rights Committee, considering this as a sign of weakness of the current Parliament.

Furthermore, former MP Abdulrahman Al-Anjari asked the government to release former MP Musallam Al-Barrak, stressing that the latter is a prisoner of opinion and not a terrorist. He warned about the existence of political corruption due to the link between parliamentary membership and governmental tenders.

Al-Anjari criticized the way the government has been dealing with the national insurance issue, wondering why the board of directors has not been summoned for investigations especially since the national insurance sector controls KD25 billion.

In addition, former MP Khaled Al- Sultan indicated that the government has started challenging citizens, stressing that it is time for citizens to confront the government not through strikes or street rallies but by expressing firm refusal towards the government’s attitudes in the diwaniyas.

He said the issue of budget deficit would have not occurred if the 2012 parliament was not dissolved because of some laws that were on the verge of being issued, adding that true reform must begin from the government through a clear election system which will guarantee the independence of the legislative authority and the right to choose qualified leaders.

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