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Sunday , February 23 2020

‘Govt printing press units collecting dust’

Info dept keen to make best possible use of huge waste paperwork: official

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 17: Mahmoud Mandani, deputy director of the government printing department at the Ministry of Information, said that the ministry is keen to make use of its resources, and make the best possible use of the huge waste paperwork produced daily at the printing press, reports Al-Rai daily.

Mandani suggested in a statement to the daily that contracts must be signed through the Ministry of Finance with specialized companies in this regard. Mandani considers the government printing press the best compared to many of the private printing presses in Kuwait and the Gulf, much needs to be done to benefit from the government printing machinery, some of which are collecting dust and the periodic maintenance costs the ministry much money. He added, much of the machinery was purchased two years ago to save the government money and time but these machines have yet to be used.

Mandani pointed out that the printing press needs an electronic portal to facilitate government correspondence, as well as the knowledge of the printing press and what needs to be provided and implemented. He pointed out the negative aspects, including the operating section in the current printing press is dealing in an old manner and works in a way that is not commensurate with the current technological development, and must be developed with the help of specialized university improve the quality of printing and reduce the actual cost and be prompt in delivery date and development of financial affairs, warehouses and management of the printing press.

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