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‘Govt may submit resignation if dialogue proceeds as planned’

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‘Agreement on amnesty to be general’

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 9: In light of the continuation of the national dialogue and initial data indicating that the dialogue is proceeding as planned, the government is expected to submit its resignation if the dialogue succeeds such that the grilling motions against it are automatically dropped and a new page is opened between the legislative and executive authorities according to constitutional, legal and political bases, reports Annahar daily quoting a parliamentary source. The source disclosed that the data so far indicate the agreement on the amnesty will be general and according to clear articles without specifying names. Conditions will be laid down and whoever meets these conditions will be granted amnesty, the source added.

According to the source, the conditions are related to expressing political opinion and criminal cases with political background; pointing out this applies to the case of those involved in storming the National Assembly building who are currently in Turkey, London and other countries. On the other hand, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Thamer Al-Ali responded to the query of MP Marzouq Al-Khalifa about the bonuses and allowances for airport security inspection staff; clarifying that these employees are not entitled to the screen allowance. He said the decision of the Civil Service Commission (CSC) to grant allowance to Kuwaitis working on screens connected to automated systems throughout the official working hours does not apply to the airport security staff; as it was found the latter work on screens for inspecting passengers’ bags and personal belongings, not the screens specified in the decision. The minister added that the CSC approved the KD35 infection allowance for airport security inspectors.

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