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Governors, tears and cats


A few days ago, new governors were appointed and services of others ended. One of the governors wrote an article and criticized the resolution and blamed the government for not contacting those whose services have ended to thank them for their efforts during their work and how they have served faithfully, honestly and devotedly and that they should have certainly been treated better.

After the publication of the article harshly criticizing the government, it turned out that what was said is contrary to the truth and reality, and if the writer had bothered to contact someone, he would know that the government has done its duty, contacted them and thanked them, and this does not mean that it always happens, but the truth must be said.

We return to the title of the article and say that all the governorates of Kuwait complain of poor services, the streets of Hawalli, the roads of Farwaniya, the walkways of Khaitan and Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh, the alleys of Salmiya, and the boulevards of these areas and others suffer a lot.

You find there unhealthy houses of singles, buildings violating Municipal laws, tons of garbage, proliferation of drilling, mice in the burrows of homes, and the breeding of stray cats and dogs here and there.

As far as I know none of the governors have bothered to report the health disasters and environmental conditions in their provinces, perhaps knowing that they cannot do anything even in cases of traffic offenses.

If these governors complain, nobody will listen and this situation is devoted by time and difficult to change without activating the law of the governors and giving them claws of power. Although 13 years have passed since the issuance of the law on their work and the fact that they represent the executive authority in their provinces, the reality is otherwise.

The main job of a majority of these governors does not exceed the reception of ambassadors of some countries or some of them, the reception given to senior officials or some of them, taking photographs with them and put them in costly frames and send them to some of them.

Some of these governors are satisfied with publishing their warm reception when they arrive and leave that is to say meaningless formalities. Therefore, it is necessary to activate the role of the governors and make them actually accountable to the executive authority of the state and be empowered so that they know the affairs of their provinces, most of whom at the moment know nothing about.

If each governor passes through the heap of problems his province suffers from, document them in pictures and words, and inform the board of governors, it would shock everyone.

A large number of the citizens do not know the living conditions in many areas of the state. It is also important to adopt better distribution methods for governors so that the governor shall not be one of the people of the province he supervises, so that he will be fair to all not favoring his group at the expense of others.

If I were one of those recently chosen, my eyes would shed tears for being unable to do something. Will we soon see a happy ending to the current unpleasant situation?

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By Ahmad Al-Sarraf

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