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Monday , November 29 2021

Government Kuwaitization push in ’21

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 5, (Agencies): According to informed government sources, the Kuwaitization decision will be implemented this year to replace expatriates working in government jobs based on a plan set by the government to address the imbalance in the demographics and with the aim of reducing the number of non-Kuwaiti employees in government agencies annually over a period of five years, reports Al-Anba daily.

They explained that the year 2021 is the last year for the implementation of this plan. The requests of a number of government agencies to postpone the application of the Kuwaitization process were rejected. Postponement of this process in the judiciary facility is due to the fact that it is an authority that is not subject to the Kuwaitization decision. A total of 10 jobs will undergo Kuwaitization by 100 percent this year, which is the fifth and final year of the plan. Kuwaitis will completely replace non-Kuwaitis in jobs related to information technology, marine, literature, media, arts, public relations, development, administrative follow-up, statistics and administrative support in all ministries, state institutions and government agencies.

The analysis of the results of the implementation of the Kuwaitization decision in the fourth year until August 17 revealed the emergence of three indicators. The first indicator is that the success of the Kuwaitization plan for functional groups is greater than the target percentage to be achieved in the fifth year. This includes instructor and teaching jobs, where the target rate is 70 percent, but the achieved rate reached 75 percent. For the jobs of livestock, agricultural and aquatic fields, the target rate was 75 percent, and the achieved rate increased to 79 percent.

This also applies to the financial, economic and commercial jobs, as the target was 95 percent and the achieved rate was 97 percent. The rate achieved in the jobs related to forensic evidence, prevention and rescue stood at 99 percent compared to the target rate of 98 percent. The second indicator was that the Kuwaitization decision did not achieve the target percentage in some job groups with a slight difference, including social, educational and sports services, information systems and technology, maritime jobs, literature, media and public relations, law, politics, Islamic affairs, development and administrative follow-up jobs, and statistics. and administrative support.

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