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Government agencies working on changes to strategic salary scale

KD 40m promised to pay expat teachers still in limbo

KUWAIT CITY, July 12: The concerned government agencies are now working on the amendment of the strategic salary scale to be ready for submission to the National Assembly in the next legislative round, reports Al-Anba daily quoting a knowledgeable source. According to the source, the Civil Service Commission (CSC) specified the salary scale for technical positions and it has achieved progress in the strategic salary scale draft in coordination with the parliamentary Human Resources Committee. He explained the Finance Ministry has asked all concerned committees to work during summer to ensure submission of the strategic salary scale in the next legislative round. He said the CSC has forwarded the amendments to the Fatwa and Legislative Department for approval to pave way for implementation of the strategic salary scale by before the end of this year. He added the new salary scale aims to guarantee justice for all, transparency, efficiency and high productivity.

Meanwhile, the KD 40 million which Assistant Undersecretary for Financial Affairs at Ministry of Education Yousef Al-Najjar had promised to pay female expatriate teachers is still in limbo, or so it seems from the legal considerations of the judicial verdicts issued on the cases filed for housing allowances, reports Al-Rai daily. This was confirmed by Deputy Premier and Minister of Finance Anas Al-Saleh who said the allowance will not be disbursed to all the female teachers just because one of them has received a judicial ruling in her favor for getting the allowance.

He affirmed that the ruling of the Constitutional Court to equalize a female teacher to her male counterpart has been implemented to reduce the housing allowance for the expatriate teachers. Regarding the second part of the judgment to compensate the female teachers retroactively, Al-Saleh explained that the mechanism followed in dealing with the case depends on how each case is handled on its own, provided the payment to those who have earned a final judgment is from the ordinary judiciary. This means if one of them received the final judgment, it does not necessarily mean everyone will be paid.

Al-Saleh simplified the matter by inviting all female teachers included in the list to file separate lawsuits at the ordinary courts and then wait for the final verdict in order to get paid the amount owed to them instead of demanding payment of the amount based on a letter by Ministry of Education which is contrary to the law.

The minister justified this action by explaining that the conditions of payment may not be available to the teacher for other reasons and conditions, or the lapse of obligation whether in terms of the fulfillment party or contract party. Therefore all financial implications are the jurisdiction of the ordinary court. On this basis, a judicial verdict should be issued for each female teacher separately, which determines whether or not the right to get payment is valid.

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