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Saturday , March 28 2020

Be good … court frees citizen in joining ‘Al Nusra Front’ case

KUWAIT CITY, March 7: The Personal Status Court has instructed a Kuwaiti doctor working in the Ministry of Health to pay KD 5,000 – the value of a car for transporting his daughter and other expenses estimated at more than KD 6,000. According to the case filed by a Kuwaiti woman through her lawyer, Attorney Zainab Al-Ramezi, she and the doctor had a misunderstanding which led to their separation. She requested that the doctor should allow her to take custody of their daughter considering the latter’s young age. She then asked the doctor to bear the monthly expenses of their daughter, in addition to other related expenditures that include car, salaries of the household worker and driver salary as well as expenses for recruiting both. During the court session, the lawyer presented some documents proving the doctor can afford all the demands of her client as he tried to dodge his responsibilities. Based on this, the court ordered the doctor to pay KD 100 monthly expenses for his daughter, KD 110 salary for the household worker, KD 750 recruitment fees, KD 200 for the accommodation, KD 750 furniture allowance, KD 5,000 for the purchase of a car and KD 30 for the nursery.

Be good, says court: The Criminal Court nullified a previous court verdict that sentenced a citizen to 10 years in jail with hard labor in absentia. The court chaired by Judge Mohammad Ja’afar refrained from pronouncing penalty and ordered the suspect to pay KD 500 bail bond and sign an undertaking to be of good moral conduct. The suspect was standing trial for allegedly joining Al-Nusra Front in Syria where he participated in the so-called Jihad. In his defense, lawyer Abdul-Mohsin Al-Qattan argued that his client did not violate the Constitution, because he did not act contrary to loyalty to the nation. He admitted his client had already confessed participating in the military trainings with Al-Nusra Front, but said there was no concrete proof to convict him for criminal act.

Cases suspended: The Court of Appeals presided over by Judge Ibrahim Al- Obaid has decided to suspend all cases filed against Dr Othman Al-Khamees who was accused of making public statements against the Shiite sect, until a verdict on the appeal submitted on the ‘national unity’ law is passed. According to the case file, the Public Prosecution accused Al-Khamees of spreading hatred and contempt against a component of the Kuwaiti society, creating dissention in the country and violating laws related to national unity through his speech on a TV channel. Earlier, the Criminal Court ordered Dr Al-Khamees to pay a fine worth KD 20,000.

Deal revoked: The Court of First Instance presided over by Judge Mohammad Al- Salal revoked the real-estate contract for the purchase of a flat in Turkey and obliged the real-estate company to pay a sum of KD 19,000 to a Kuwaiti woman as well as compensation worth KD 5,000 because the company did not abide by the contract signed between the two parties. During the court session, Lawyer Ali Al-Ali, the counsel to the Kuwaiti woman explained that his client and the company signed the contract after which his client paid the entire cost of the flat to the company. However, she discovered that the company did not meet all the terms of the contract. After the deadline for handing over the flat passed, she discovered that there was no flat and the company did not transfer the sum she had paid to the main company which is the owner of the realestate project. According to the terms of the contract, she has the right to cancel the contract and get back her money especially since the company did not meet all the terms of the contract.

By Jaber Al-Hamoud Al-Seyassah Staff

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