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Give real liberals chance … we’re one

“There is no more miserable human being than one in whom nothing is habitual but indecision,” (American Philosopher William James 1842-1910).

The reasonable merging of political freedom in Kuwait has an effect on the group of the learned, intellectuals and politicians. Different factions practice politics, particularly through parliamentary work.

Among the political factions, there are those famous for their ideologies, others take religious slogans to practice politics, others are based on sectarianism and tribalism if not on clans. Other types of factions claim to be liberals and this is the focus of this article.

For those who do not know what is liberalism, it is an intellectual, political and economic orientation which is also a political philosophy that believes in freedom, open-mindedness and accepting the other. Specifically, it is based on political ideology that fights against intellectual and political stagnation, and gives individuals a motoring margin for the mind and thought.

It is noticeable for observers of Kuwait’s political affairs to see inclusion or claims by some politicians affiliating themselves even by disguising to agree with the principles of a certain movement or faction. Here, I mean those – apart from a very few – who tend to claim they politically represent the devotees of a certain religion.

Among them, they wear religion as their political cloak to gain from it. Majority of them are known, especially the ones with sudden episode of surging wealth, whereas in reality, the political movement that claims to represent the political Islam is the ‘produce’ of non-governmental organizations.

The common mission of such organizations is to collect donations, dig wells and build mosques, in addition to holding religious classes in Islamic jurisprudence and sermons. Most important of all, nothing in its organizational order contains any agenda on political work.

The problem, or rather, the suspicion is that these organizations represent bodies which own huge reserves of fund. This is noticeable in their extravagant façade of their election campaign headquarters, let alone the fact that the source of funds for their election campaigns are usually unknown, not even their financial center.

This kind of phenomenon raises a lot of questions, and perhaps accusations. Although I am not making any attempt to generalize, there are some cases in this regard which raise a lot of question marks.

Back to liberalism and the liberals, and given that I am not a liberal, instead, I am close to Islamist Salafist political ideology, I disapprove of obstacles that stand in the way of the declaration of ‘Kuwait Liberal Movement’.

I fail to understand the motives behind these obstacles. In fact, the concerned agencies lack justifications given that, we – Kuwaitis – are from the same hood. Everyone knows everyone. Without a doubt, everyone knows that such a movement will not create any ripples in the society.

The movement is new. Its members are youths and no prominent member is involved in it. But one thing is sure, the movement practices what it preaches. So far, it has presented all its papers to the concerned authority, yet still, there is an unexplainable delay. I fear this could be a measure to bar it from legally entering the main political domains.

Give the real liberals a chance, they are better than the so-called liberals with heavy pockets and agendas that fail to come to light when most needed. Give the real liberals a chance to participate and let the people decide. We are all one and there is no need for movement discrimination of political factions or groups.

I reiterate that I am not a liberal and I don’t think I will be one, but I do not accept the children of this country being discriminated despite transparency in their operations and aspirations. Once the chance is given, judge.

Twitter: @alzmi1969

By Yousef Awadh Al-Azmi



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