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Get the donkeys off the roof before the house collapses on those who live there

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IT is not surprising for people in the land of Waq-Waq to be delighted by the chirps of crows due to their oblivion of the melodious nightingales and goldcrest. In such a land, everything ends in ruin because the right person was not chosen for the right place.

There is an Iraqi folktale about a poor man who dreamt of buying a donkey. The man even reduced the food ratio of his family in order to save money so that he can buy his dream donkey. He managed to gather enough money and went on to purchase a donkey. Unfortunately, the donkey was of the stubborn type.
Out of delight, the man took the donkey to the roof of his frail house in order to show the donkey the view of the village and the roads that the donkey will use when leaving and coming back home.

At sunset, he decided to get the donkey off the roof and put it in the barn. However, the task proved difficult as the donkey refused and turned violent, shaking the entire house below him. The poor man quickly went down and evacuated his wife and children before the ceiling fell on them.

The donkey continued with its aggressiveness until the ceiling caved in and it fell to its death. Our friend mourned the death of his donkey by blaming himself for taking the donkey on the roof instead of putting it where it was supposed to be, which is the barn.
This is how the situation is in the land of Waq-Waq, where officials get appointed undeservedly because of their network of connections. They do not vacate such positions until it gets ruined. If one of them happens to be transferred or fired or even reaches the retirement age and refuses to make room for others, he hastens to file lawsuits, knowing that the law is tailored to his desires.

In such countries, tribal dictation, sectarian whims and the fortunes of influential people interfere in the enactment of the legislation for which MPs, who do not understand the processes and laws, were chosen.
In advanced countries, the strength and development of the administration comes from the good selection of assistants, advisors and officials. On the other hand, in Waq-Waq, clamour and wrangles dominate the scene, given that those in charge are not appointed based on their academic qualifications or experience in their field but are instead chosen based on the origin, connections and ability to butter the influentials.

In Waq-Waq, those in possession of what it takes to be in a certain position are usually banished, while the arrogant and ignorant are honored. Because of this, enlightened eyes and minds become blind day by day from the dust of confusion.
This is due to the fact that any person appointed undeservingly would surround himself with his crew and delegate for them responsibilities. This creates unstable situations in any given aspect, and disrupts the interest of the public, as well as leads the country to plunge into barrenness.

In those countries, there are many people appointed undeservingly, while those with proper qualifications remain scarce.
Therefore, as long as donkeys remain on the roof, the ceiling will eventually fall on the heads of those living under such a roof. It is then that the rate of mourning will spike, and the crows will have a field day on the ruins.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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