Monday , September 24 2018

‘Germany plans to file lawsuit against Kuwait on tax evasion

KD 200 million can be recovered: MP Hammad

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 4: MP Saadoun Hammad, a member of the committee that was formed by the National Assembly to investigate the financial irregularities committed by the Overseas Medical Treatment health offices, says one third of the money or KD 200 million of the KD 600 million, can be recovered.

The financial irregularities were allegedly committed by Kuwait Overseas Treatment health office in Germany. To add insult to injury, MP Hammad said Germany plans to file a lawsuit against Kuwait on charges of tax evasion.

The parliamentarian said investigations have revealed that the German hospitals do not differentiate between Germans and foreign citizens when it comes to the price of treatment and hospitalization. The hospital cost for one day is 220 and the same applies to foreigners and their citizens.

Hammad said the members of the committee were surprised that Kuwait’s health office in Germany, is the only office that uses mediators without contracting hospitals directly as a result of which the cost for care per day has cost Kuwait 490 Euros per patient per day.

The hospitals in Germany have explained to Kuwait that they had nothing to do with the excess amount. What the hospitals have actually received is € 220 per day per patient.

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