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Thursday , January 23 2020

Gang leader caught dressed as his teen daughter in bizarre prison-break attempt

a Brazilian gang leader was caught trying to escape Rio’s Gericino high-security prison – dressed as his teenage daughter.

Clauvino da Silva, 42, tried to break out of prison pretending to be the 19-year-old – who he was going to leave behind, authorities say.

The convicted drug dealer’s amazing get-up was so convincing prison staff only stopped him at the end of visiting time.

Clauvino da Silva nearly escaped a Rio prison dressed as his own teenage daughter (AP)

Guards became suspicious because he started acting too nervously, according to authorities.

Da Silva, known as “Shorty,” was filmed standing awkwardly with his hands behind his back as his wild costume was slowly exposed.

Da Silva was filmed taking off the elaborate disguise – which even featured a lifelike silicone mask (AP)

The inmate had planned to leave his daughter inside the jail in the western part of Rio de Janeiro, officials said.

Police are looking into the teen as a possible accomplice.

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