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Saturday , December 14 2019

Former FM warns against radical ‘intellects’ represented by Guards

Sheikh Mohammad
Sheikh Mohammad

KUWAIT CITY, March 4: Former minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Dr Mohammed Al-Sabah says Iran now has two types of intellects — rational and radical. During a lecture organized by Kuwait International Law Society, he warned against the radical intellects, which are represented by the Revolutionary Guard which seeks to dominate the Gulf region.

He stressed the need to treat the rational intellects and authority well because of their keenness for the stability of the region. Sheikh Dr Mohammad Al- Sabah indicated that the United States of America thinks its nuclear agreement with Tehran will strengthen the position of Reformists particularly in elections. He said, “It is true that the decision is in the hands of the supreme leadership Morshid. However, he will be influenced by the decision of the majority in case the Reformists are empowered. He will then respond to their demands and follow their directions”.

Dr Al-Sabah revealed that he had earlier indicated to the Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs that there are two countries with different ideologies under one political regime, and that the radicals’ practices and deeds are based on an “odd policy” which will spoil Iran’s relations with other countries of the region including Kuwait especially after a sleeping cell affiliated to the Revolutionary Guard was discovered in the country.

When asked about the possibility of accepting the position of Arab League’s Secretary General or any governmental position if offered, Dr Al-Sabah just said, “I will not accept” and did not give any reason. He went on to say, “Kuwait’s foreign policy is different from what it was prior to the Iraqi invasion when we were able to differentiate our friends from our enemies in the Arab world and we witnessed how the Gulf nations stood with us. Long gone are the times of flatteries. Kuwait’s security is the priority now. Therefore, it is our duty to enter the fort of the Gulf nations because it is difficult to deal with everyone based on the same standards”.

Dr Al-Sabah described the latest foreign policy of Saudi Arabia as “excellent”, explaining, “Kuwait’s policies are in harmony with that of other GCC countries. It participates in events and forms stances in a unified manner. The most recent one is the Operation Decisive Storm”. He affirmed that the ISIS was formed based on extremist sectarian policies of the region, which are far from moderate, indicating that the policies that led to the emergence of ISIS include that of former Iraqi prime minister Nouri Al-Maliki. Dr Al-Sabah added, “There are two ways of fighting such kinds of groups — ideology and weapon. These are the tools used by ISIS in its campaigns”.

By Mohammad Al-Foudri Al-Seyassah Staff

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