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Monday , September 20 2021

For Expats stranded abroad – Process to begin with registering data on MoFA website

KUWAIT CITY, May 13: There is an inclination to allow the return of expats, who are stranded outside the country, in the coming period.

According to information gathered, the process will begin with registering their data on the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to study their situation in preparation for giving them the green light in coordination with the Kuwaiti embassies abroad.

Informed sources said, “The concerned authorities will grant permission for the residents to enter the country but only under humanitarian basis such as children who have been separated from their families due to the crisis or parents who are stuck abroad.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs allowed the entry of some under humanitarian considerations. They were first-degree relatives of expatriates of different nationalities, the majority of whom are Gulf, Egyptian and Jordanian national, as some of them were on vacation and some others were studying abroad.

They stressed that, “The number of those who entered the country in the evacuation flights for Kuwaitis from the time of closing of the Kuwaiti airspace on February 29 is approximately 4,350. They are distributed in several categories, such as Kuwaiti wives, Kuwaiti husbands, Kuwaiti children, first-degree relatives of the residents in the country, and domestic workers who accompany their sponsors”.

The source affirmed that Ministry of Interior and Directorate General for Civil Aviation are not the authorities concerned with permitting the entry of residents into the country, but rather they are parties executing the instructions of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Health in this regard

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