Follow Houthis till the very end

Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times
Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

ACTING in line with the adage “Listen to a liar till his lies are exposed,” the Arab-legitimate Yemeni government alliance agreed to engage the Houthi-Saleh team in peace talks in Kuwait. This happened despite doubts on whether or not the coup plotters will be favorably disposed to find a lasting solution in order to end the suffering they caused by thwarting the GCC initiative.

They took such an action after their failure to involve the Mullah regime in resolving a completely internal issue. Thus, they could use Iran as a bridge to reach Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries in a bid to achieve what they failed to accomplish in 37 years.

When the Houthi gangsters went out of Sa’adah to occupy Sana’a and other cities, they were under the illusion that they could conscript Yemenis; whereas their ousted ally — Ali Saleh — saw it as an advantage to reclaim power and the GCC countries would just fold their arms watching the dangerous development.   However, the prompt intervention by setting up the Arab-Islamic alliance to foil the coup and wage the precautionary war changed the calculations, not only in Yemen but the entire region. This situation turned Iran’s expansion adventures, through the GCC southern gateway, into a daydream that will never become a reality.

Three months after the peace talks on Yemen in Kuwait, the coup plotters reached the dead end and the reserve lies exhausted. The procrastination, excuses and justifications to dodge agreements reached on the dialogue table can no longer rescue them. Military maneuvers and efforts to return to regions where they were evicted cannot change the trend of solution drawn by the legitimate government, in collaboration with the alliance, to end the crisis and ensure that peace prevails in line with the United Nations Security Council resolutions, especially Resolution 2216.

Yet, the opening of Ta’az battlefront and effort to attack Al-Anad Air Base, in addition to other frivolous massacres, killings and organized destruction have consolidated the global conviction that the leaders of coup plotters should face trial at the International Criminal Court (ICC).

The coup plotters have been entangled in a circle, so they have no option but to listen to the will of the people by abandoning their gamble on the possibility of breaking the will of the legitimate government and international alliance. Those two groups have a long breath and they cannot be distracted from their decisive position through battle and breach of truce here and there, especially since they have thwarted the Iranian project and entangled the coup plotters in Sana’a.

The dialogues have exposed the lies of the coup plotters and their blind following of Tehran, yet some segments of the international community are mounting pressure on the legitimate government to continue with the talks, which is tantamount to prolonging the suffering of the Yemenis. These segments did not see consignments of weapons seized by the allies every now and then, the last of which was a ship whose crew tried to deceive the captain.

 The coup plotters and the Mullah regime interpreted the position of the international community over that deception as a green light for continuity of organized terrorism and intimidating countries in the region. However, this will never happen because regardless of the number of weapon shipments, the reality will not change to enable the coup plotters to control Yemen again.

            Considering these facts, the legitimate government announced the roadmap to the solution rather than the explosive suggestions presented by the coup plotters to United Nations envoy Ismail Ould Cheikh. He has the mandate to be completely neutral or resign if he cannot play his role sincerely.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times


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