Focus on Digestive Diseases and Endoscopy

Dr Omar
Dr Omar

“A DEVICE for studying the movement of the Digestive System introduced by New Mowasat Hospital for the first time in Kuwait, supervised by Dr Omar. “The conference will discuss the new generation of Endoscopes for early detection and treatment of tumors through Endoscopes to dispense with major surgery”. “The conference focuses on latest treatment of obesity and related complications”. “The conference earned a global standard after inclusion in the Continuing Medical Education program of the European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy and World Endoscopy Organization. Under the auspices of the Minister of Health, Dr Ali Al-Obeidi. New Mowasat Hospital holds the Digestive Endoscopy Symposium for the sixth time in a row on 10/11 Oct at Radisson Blu Hotel with the presence of an elite group of international specialists in the digestive diseases.

On this occasion, the Chairman of the Symposium Dr Mahmoud Omar, Consultant and Clinical Director of the Digestive Disease & Endoscopy at New Mowasat Hospital, stressed that the conference shows great interest in all that is new in the Digestive Tract and Endoscopes fields, explaining that the conference tackles annually new are as in Digestive System diseases, noting that the conference will host a group of prominent consultants from worldwide.

Dr Omar pointed out that the conference will be attended by seven of the top consultants in the Digestive Disease, where Professor Jacques Deviere will lecture in the opening session on new obesity endoscopic techniques and there is a special session on Endoscopic Ultrasound Examination that contributes to reveal many diseases and perform difficult intervention that ordinary endoscopes fail to reach.

Speaking at the meeting with Prof Hakan Shenturk of Turkey and Prof Marc Giovannini of France. Dr Omar added that among the consultants who are invited is also Professor Nagi Reddy of India, a specialist in Pancreas diseases, common diseases in Kuwait and resulting from prevailing obesity and cholesterol, noting that Professor Nagi has an international experience in this area, and will speak about the installation of the metal tube for patients with Pancreatitis.

Dr Jaber Al Ali, Associate Professor of Medicine of Kuwait, Faculty of Medicine and Co-Director of the Conference will present his experience on managing complications of Bariatric Surgery. Dr Mahmoud Omar elaborated that the conference will be held with the participation of a group of specialist doctors in the Digestive Tract from Kuwait and the Arab world, including Dr. Fouad Ali, Dr Ahmad Al-Fadhli, Dr Bader Al-Anzi, Dr Walid Al-Anzi, Dr Khalid Al-Sarraf and Dr. Wafa Al- Hashash, Dr Fahad Al-Ibrahimi, as well as Dr Metwally Afifi, Dr. Mahmoud Al- Sayed, Dr Iqbal Siddiqui, Dr Sameh Fakhry of the United Arab Emirates and Dr Yussri Taher, Dr Yahya El- Shazly and many others.

Dr Omar indicated that Kuwait Medical Association is a main sponsor of the conference, pointing out that the conference is included in the Continuing Medical Education Program of the European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, the World Organization of Endoscopy, which earned the conference its global status.

He explained that the invitation is open to all doctors of the Digestive System to attend the conference as well as to Pediatricians, Radiologists Oncology and General Practitioners in different hospitals and clinics, as well as members of the nursing staff, pointing out that the presence of the group will enrich their experience and widen their knowledge, where the sessions will focus on the most significant developments in the world of the Digestive System Disease and the time needed for patients to use endoscopes either for examination or treatment. It is worth mentioning that the Endoscopy Unit at New Mowasat Hospital offers high-quality diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy services.

This is in addition to a study of the gut movement of the esophagus and stomach, applied in Kuwait for the first time by New Mowasat Hospital and considered as the latest device for patients with Reflux and difficulty in swallowing. New Mowasat Hospital is classified among top hospitals of the private sector in Kuwait, thanks to its outstanding medical service and integrated health care.

New Mowasat Hospital has recently maintained a great success after being granted the Diamond Accreditation, the highest ranking certificate of the “Qmentum International” program of the Commission for International Accreditation Canadian (ACI). The program considers the Canadian Medical Standards as a criteria model to be compared to services of different medical facilities in hospitals around the world. New Mowasat Hospital also succeeded in renewing the accreditation certificate of the American Joint Commission International (JCI). These two prestigious accomplishments are yet to be added to the New Mowasat Hospital’s excellent record of achievements.

By Dr Mahmoud Omar

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