Focus on ‘IS’ emergence – ‘GCC first hit’

KUWAIT CITY, July 29: Dr Ibrahim Al-Mohaimeed delivered a lecture at Al-Masjid an-Nabawi recently, during which he discussed reasons behind the emergence of DAESH ideology.

He said the flames of terrorism, which has been gripping the world for decades now, were seen in GCC States before others.

In the three-day anti-terrorism seminar organized by the Association of Guidance Charity, Al-Mohaimeed pointed out the revival of the ideology of Kharijites or Kharijis by the likes of DAESH is due to the emergence of atheism and apostasy after the colonial invasion of the Arab world and the propaganda against everything related to religion.

He explained that revival of Kharijites ideology can be attributed to ignorance which nurtures and develops such ideas.  He disclosed the objectives of those adopting the Kharijite ideology, the likes of DAESH, changed the course and directly clashed with the ruling regimes leading to the imprisonment of some of their members.  He said these groups spread hatred against those regimes and their security apparatuses.

He added the injustice that Muslims experience from other faiths such as Jews, Christians, atheists, communists, Buddhists has been igniting flames of revenge in their minds.

He also noted that the spread of Kharijite ideology can be attributed to some of the groups promoting and adopting thoughts which see regimes and governments as the ones responsible for regression of the Islamic nations; thereby, blaming rulers for all the problems of these nations. He added they see eradication of humiliation and disgrace which the nations are suffering from until these regimes are forced out.

By Abdulnaser Al Aslami

Al Seyassah Staff



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