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Saturday , August 24 2019

Five get 10 years in jail for collecting cash for DAESH – Bid to lift travel ban on Islamist rejected

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 28: The Court of Appeals upheld the verdict of the Court of First Instance that sentenced five suspects to 10 years in prison with hard labor, while two others were declared innocent, of collecting donations from some tribesmen to support Al-Nusra and DAESH. The court also fined one of the suspects 1,500 Euros or its Kuwaiti dinar equivalent, while another was fined KD 20,000 and the other 5,000 Euros. The Public Prosecution charged the suspects with carrying out hostile activities against the Syrian regime from 2012 until May 19, 2015 without permission from the government. Two of the suspects purportedly joined DAESH, whereas others were involved in recruiting people for the terrorist group and joining procedures them by providing funds. The action has exposed Kuwait to danger of severing political ties with the concerned country. Six of the suspects reportedly funded terrorism directly or indirectly as they collected money sent to DAESH in Syria.

Ban to stay: The Misdemeanor Court dismissed a petition to lift the travel ban on Secretary General of the Islamic Coalition Movement Hussein Al-Ma’atouq and scheduled hearing for March 16 as the defense counsel has been given enough time to look into the charges against his client. The defendant is standing trial for the content of a sermon he delivered about a month ago. He has been accused of spreading false information, as well as insulting the judiciary and the Ministry of Interior. This happened after the raid on Abdally cell involving 26 people accused of conspiring with Iran and Hezbollah. All suspected members of the cell are Kuwaitis except one – an Iranian. Al-Ma’atouq denied all allegations against him.

Citizen acquitted: The Criminal Court presided over by Judge Abdullah Al-Othman overturned a verdict issued previously in absentia against a Kuwaiti citizen who was sentenced to three-year imprisonment and a fine of KD 3,000. The court instead acquitted him of possessing firearms and ammunition. According to the case file, the arresting officer, in his testimony, stated that he had stopped the suspect at a security checkpoint, ordered him to step out of his car after noticing several firearms and ammunition in the car. He then arrested the suspect and conducted a precautionary search of the car. During investigations, the defendant denied any link to the confiscated firearms and ammunition due to which the court released him on bail. However, he later heard he was sentenced in absentia to three-year imprisonment and a fine of KD 3,000, prompting him to appeal the verdict. In his defense was Lawyer Sultan Al-Mendel, who faulted the search and arrest procedures, as his client was not under any suspicion. He explained that it was irrational of his client to arrive at a security checkpoint without at least attempting to hide the firearms. His client would not have left the firearms and ammunition out in the open if he was aware of their existence in the vehicle.

Docus forged: The General Residence Affairs Department has forwarded to Al-Salam Police Station a complaint filed by a citizen against an Arab woman who allegedly falsified an official document. Sources revealed the citizen is in charge of signing official documents in a women’s salon and he discovered that the Arab woman, who is under the sponsorship of the salon, has transferred her residence permit to Article 22 under the sponsorship of her husband without his knowledge or his signature and without resorting to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor; hence, she was accused of forging an official document

By Jaber Al-Hamoud Al-Seyassah Staff

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