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Monday , January 27 2020

Fish prices soar again – Govt clueless

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 17: The chaos continues to rule the fish market where it appeared ‘free for all’ as owners of restaurants, stall owners and citizens joined the fish auction in Sharq market and it appeared once again the Ministry of Commerce had failed to have say in setting things right as per its desire, reports Al-Rai daily.

The auction for the mullet fish began with one of the Kuwaitis calling for the basket at 10 dinars and the price was soon doubled by one of the stall owners and finally a restaurant owner finally purchased it for 37 dinars.

The shrimp basket was sold for 55 dinars for the big size, 44 for the average and 30 for the small size. Large size zubaidi fetched the highest price of 90 dinars and the small 75 dinars.

Most of the zubaidi baskets were bought by stall owners and restaurants. Mullet was sold for 1.5 dinars per kilo, zubaidi between 10 and 14 dinars, shrimp between 3 and 4.5, hamour 4.5 and crabs for 3.5. It was crystal clear Ministry of Commerce had no control over the proceedings as the ministry employees were unable to control the auction.

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