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Friday , February 28 2020

First shipment of livestock from Australia in two weeks – Last stock received in June

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 15: The Livestock Transport and Trading Company has announced that first shipment of live sheep from Australia to Kuwait will arrive in the country within two weeks after a break since June, reports Al-Qabas daily.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of the company Osama Boodai, the suspension was due to the need for its subsidiary company in Australia “Ratwa” to obtain license from Australia’s Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources for exporting livestock.

This made the company an authorized exporter of sheep in the West Australian State of Perth to the Gulf Region and the Middle East. He explained the license was granted after a series of detailed procedures and meticulous reviews by the Australian authorities, and after ensuring the company’s carriers and farms met all the requirements and specifications related to livestock; in addition to procedures for transportation and care of the livestock from Australia to Kuwait and other countries of the region.

Boodai declared that Kuwait was at the forefront for implementation of the ESCAS supply chain guarantee system, which was designed to ensure livestock exported for slaughter and breeding are treated in accordance with international standards for animal welfare.

He affirmed that the company also applies all Australian regulations and global standards for the care and transportation of livestock, including ASEL and MO43, indicating that the company last year imported about 1,280,000 heads of sheep to Kuwait, Qatar, UAE and Oman.

Boodai explained that the Livestock Transport and Trading Company, since its establishment in 1973, has served as a global example of the world’s largest live sheep carrier. In the last 45 years, it has transported more than 80 million Australian sheep to the region on its fleet, bearing in mind reputation of Kuwait, and its keenness to comply with all international charters and procedures to achieve the highest standards of quality and safety for shipping of livestock.

He stressed that all ships belonging to the company were approved by the Australian authorities, adding that the livestock are examined before loading, and the vessels are checked before sailing, accompanied by Australian veterinarians licensed by the Australian Ministry of Agriculture to which they report directly.

Boodai said the crew of each cruise also has a livestock inspector of Australian nationality, adding that the company is responsible for monitoring livestock from beginning of the journey to its end as well as any excesses or observations during the journey.

In an effort to reassure Australians about their exports, Boodai affirmed that the company has been working hard to reduce the death of sheep and avoid exposing livestock to any stress, for which the company invested millions of dollars, adding that this was evident from the figures reported and registered with the Australian bodies

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