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Fire of revolution will not fade away in Lebanon

Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

THE Lebanese uprising, now on its seventh day, is maturing as a real revolution. No one can force 2.8 million citizens to change their stance, irrespective of the threats of chaos.

No attempts were made to forcefully open the roads by the army, as the latter knows it is facing its own people. The army tried to open the roads peacefully but eventually submitted to the will of the people. This preserved the momentum of the demonstrations at the top level.

Yesterday, those who gambled on the gradual fading away of the uprising lost the game. Days have proven that the reform plan announced by the government will not manage to calm down the citizens. On the contrary, the citizens insisted on rejecting the reform claimed by the weak governance controlled by Hezbollah. They are aware enough not to fall in the tunnel of procrastination which may destroy their power and cause the revolution to go with the wind.

Observers consider the statement issued by the council of Catholic Bishops as the start of the countdown of the current era’s end. Those who know the Lebanese demography are aware of the meaning of such a position that supports the people. There have been very few times when religious leaders, especially Christians, expressed opinion concerning political issues. So, when they do, the Lebanese attitude becomes like church campus. This is similar to the situation in 2000 when they expressed a strong opinion against the then authorities, forming the foundation of the Cedar Revolution which paved way for a series of procedures and eventually resulted in the withdrawal of the Syrian troops from Lebanon.

These facts are in the hands of the Lebanese authorities who seem not to be aware of the results of the revolutions in Egypt in 2013, and in Sudan and Algeria this year. Those revolutions ended in the arrest of Dr Mohammad Morsi who died in prison, and imprisonment of Omar Al-Basheer. The Algerians managed to bring an end to the long reign Abdelaziz Bouteflika within 15 minutes. Algeria is recovering and heading towards pluralistic governance, which is not exclusive to any particular class.

The Lebanese, who demonstrated against the regime based on sectarian quota, will not leave the streets until their demands for removing the group of politicians who controlled every detail of their lives are met.

Furthermore, the Lebanese are no longer hidden from the eyes of the international community especially after the growing number of their supporters and the increasing voices that warn of the dangerous consequences in dealing violently with the revolution so that Lebanon is not subject to Article VII of the UN Charter. The authorities in Lebanon realize the consequences of such an issue.

Following the scenes of the Lebanese revolution seen on local and international TV channels, we realize that the revolution is distinctive at all levels. It is not a game for kids. It is not a conspiracy targeting the “alliance of resistance” like how Hassan Nasrallah, Michel Aoun, Gebran Bassil and Nabih Berri seek to portray. It is a popular revolution exceeding sects, classes and parties.

Everybody is aware that the Lebanese citizens have lost their trust in everyone associated with the regime. That is why they dismiss any MP or senior official who tries to take advantage of their demonstrations.

The Lebanese people have been released and they will never return to prison. Therefore, everybody in Beirut’s political class must follow closely and listen carefully to what is being said on the Lebanese streets. The limit is getting shorter. It seems the gates of prisons will soon be open to receive them. Then the threats of Hezbollah and Amal Movement will be useless, simply because the leaders of these bodies will be behind bars.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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