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Finding solution to fake certificates

The issue of fake academic certificates has become the talk of the town. Several prospects and definitions are being given for fake or forged certificates. There are some who do not differentiate between recognized and unrecognized universities by the Ministry of Higher Education. In fact, it is not a principle for recognition and accreditation of a certificate from any particular university for it to be determined as valid.

There are many universities which are better than Kuwait University in terms of level of education. Despite that, their certificates are not recognized by it. Hence, it seems the merits related to recognizing and accrediting certificates might be irrational.

When a higher education certificate does not get accredited locally, it does not mean there is a problem with the certificate. Instead, the problem might be with the regulations followed by Ministry of Higher Education in this regard, especially when it comes to completing studies outside the country.

In other words, you can possess a certificate that is accredited by a certain university, which is recognized locally; however, due to the fact that you failed to uphold certain regulations set by the higher education authority, your certificate does not get accreditation.

There are administration and technical decisions in this aspect which are relevant to the academic issues. Many times, this matter gets juggled up and ends up being in favor of those with connections and influence. However, for those without these, all they can do is buy a file and store these certificates on their shelves.

The issue concerning fake certificates has not been remedied in a proper, responsible and objective manner. It was put in the hands of people who solve issues based on their hunch. While it is irrational not to ensure there are enough number of higher education institutions in the country, it at the same time fails to facilitate accreditation of good and better universities outside the country.

Worst of all, there are two Arab countries on which the focus of this issue is. Kuwait has a higher education level than these two countries, and one of them is under constant suspicion of academic fraud. Despite all that, nothing has been done to avoid such focus.

The solution is simple and clear – Build new universities in Kuwait.

The conditions are fit for such a bold step but politics is what prevents such achievements. Perhaps, there is pressure from one of the countries in this regard like barring Kuwaitis to study in that country, but unfortunately, even though Kuwaitis are allowed to go to such universities, their certificates are later deemed as unrecognized. How unfair is that?

When it comes to fake certificates, this issue does not need either committees or decisions. An ordinary employee in the higher education authority can determine whether certificates are valid or fake by using simple tools far from bold headlines and rhetoric on these helpless students.

Therefore, the officials should stop going around an empty circle. The path is clear, which is to establish new universities, the prospects of which are available. All that is needed is political decision. After that, many academic issues will be solved including fake certificates.

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By Yousef Awadh Al-Azmi

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