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Saturday , February 22 2020

Final days for ‘Hezb-flip-flops’

THE incident, which took place in Hay Al-Solam in the southern area of Beirut — the capital of Lebanon, exposed the environmental nemesis that incubates the ‘Hezbollah’. For the first time since 1982, the incident put the group before national accountability in which neither intimidation nor oppression, as practiced in the past on those who publicly spoke about the position, will be of no avail.

Canned apologies were made due to foolishness of the one who forced people to apologize with vulgar phrases that are diminishing for dignity, which started with the kissing of flip-flops and did not end with hallowing the heel bone (shoes) of Hassan Nasrallah’s officers.

This incident disrobed the group, which is using its weapons to influence the rest of the Lebanese; thereby, removing the cloak where it has been hiding in order to confront the remaining social components and groups in the country; in addition to reducing that group to its actual size.

This occurred a few weeks ago when a group of Shia intellectuals and businesspersons came out to announce their participation in the upcoming Lebanese parliamentary election. They will participate away from the coalition of ‘Amal’ movement and the abovementioned ‘Hezb’.

This group of intellectuals and businesspersons is a force to reckon with among the Shias. It means that at the end, the rope strangling the group internationally together with Iran is corresponding to another Lebanese rope which will reveal itself based on coming events.

Undoubtedly, the obstinacy, which ‘Hezbollah’ is attempting to use to cover its weaknesses, failure and terrorism, is the obstinacy of failures of those trying to solace themselves from the disappointments they are experiencing by intensifying the level of intimidation.

This is exactly the case of their masters in Iran who quickly announce that they have a weapon whenever the embargo intensifies, disillusioned by the assumption that the advertisement of such issues will threaten the world.

In reality, Tehran regime is not more than a vocal phenomenon which feeds on terrorism in the Arab world. Leaving it to spread chaos is only a way of carrying out the Zionist plan to destroy and divide Arab countries.

Naturally, this also applies to ‘Hezbollah’, as in the past when the United States of America and Israel used it as a tool from other tools for executing destructive schemes.

Today, the exposure of historic scandals of the group along with Western Europe’s embargo getting tighter and tighter mean that the group’s role is finished in this plan. Its situation is similar to the phrase, “Class dismissed, O idiot.”

Perhaps, there is a way to prolong the life of ‘Hezbollah’ through the threat that Israel poses to Lebanon.

In this regard, it is imperative to contemplate on the fact that Israel, which has established diplomatic relations with several Arab countries, has weaker argument than it had in the past and the rhetoric it previously held have become obsolete.

Therefore, it is up to Israel to accept peaceful compromises offered to it in order to eliminate justifications which are in the hands of terrorist groups including ‘Hezbollah’. It must strive to pull the region out of the terrorism predicament and destruction if it really wants to live peacefully with its neighbors.

However, if it continues to hold on to its scheme and exploit these groups in one way or another; it will bring violence to its people and attract terrorism to itself. And as it usually happens in the end, it will hoist itself with its own petard.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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