Monday , October 22 2018

Fatwa issues legal opinion on panel’s findings on fake certificates

Report affirms American University in Athens fake

KUWAIT CITY, April 15: Concerning the issue of fake certificates obtained by eight lecturers of the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training (PAAET), the Fatwa and Legislation Department has issued a report with its legal opinion in this regard, says Al-Qabas daily which has a copy of this report.

These eight lecturers were appointed as Associate Professors at PAAET based on the PhD certificates they obtained from an American University in Athens.

The legal opinion of Fatwa and Legislation Department was based on the report of the investigative committee that was formed in accordance with the ministerial decision No. 257/2016 amended by decision No. 21/2017.

The report affirmed that the American University in Athens is a fake university as per the report prepared by the delegation that was sent to check on this university in 2010.

It added that this fake university is not recognized by the Greek authorities. The report highlighted the mistake committed by both Ministry of Higher Education and PAAET.

It explained that the error of Ministry of Higher Education is represented in approving false reports on the fake university, and the error of PAAET was in delegating eight students one year before investigating the truth about the university.

In the report of Fatwa and Legislation Department, it was mentioned that article 42 and 43 of PAAET’s recruitment decree state definite conditions that must be fulfilled for a staff member to be appointed including they must hold a doctorate certificate.

It stated that violating the recruitment conditions requires cancellation of the appointment decision at any time without waiting for a particular time to cancel administrative decisions. The department concluded by affirming that the Court of Cassation has decided the American University in Athens is a fake university that lacks relevant standards and does not meet the stated criteria.

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