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A fascist philosopher behind every president

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli Former Minister of Oil

THE Saudi newspaper “Al-Sharq Al-Awsat” recently published an analysis report on the masterminds behind the presidents of the two biggest and strongest countries in the world — Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump.

It is true that Trump came to power through free and direct elections, while Putin came to power using methods endorsed by the Russian Constitution. Not many presidents in the world have opted to use unconstitutional means or even force to ascend to power. In fact, Hitler and Mussolini, who were heads of fascism and modern world racism, had both ascended the presidential seats through ballot boxes.

Both presidents adopted the fascist ideology in the 21st century. This ideology then became popular in various parts of the world including the European countries, which used to adhere to liberal bourgeoisie policies. They have now started gradually inclining towards rightist extremist policies.

In this regard, the philosophers and masterminds behind the two presidents are Aleksandr Gelyevich Dugin in Russia and Steve Bannon in the United States of America.

The ideologies of these two individuals are similar. It is possible that these are from two similar schools of thoughts. Aleksandr Dugin considers Russia as a great nationalist state for those who speak Russian language throughout the Eurasia sphere, structured by homogeneous conservative orthodox Christianity-based culture.

Dugin sees Russia to be against the neo-liberal class that emerged from the former Soviet Union, which attempted to take Russia towards the global capitalism system, calling for national resistance that develops bourgeoisie consumption values and market chaos.

The Dugin’s Russia promotes the concept of honest work under responsible and conscious capitalism. Dugin is among the staunch defenders of the pragmatic policies and political choices of President Putin in a manner that is sufficient to achieve the aspirations of his President Putin.

Regarding Steve Bannon, the chief presidential strategist and closest to President Trump, he gave a speech at the Vatican City in 2014, which is two years before Donald Trump put himself up for nomination, and before the “Brexit” vote, the outcome of which has put Britain in the process of exiting the European Union.

In that speech, Bannon said he sees the New World Order from the Judeo-Christian West perspective, which implements a form of capitalism characterized by religious consciousness, uniting the internal social texture based on homogeneous distinct characteristics before the party “Davos” took over. Davos party is a reference to the global neoliberals dominating elites.

This party dismantled the conservative moral elements of these societies through policies of global openness and linkage, variation and retrogression of country’s sovereignties for the interest of the savage cross-continental capitalism and artificial organizations such as the European Union and others.

This is how Bannon sees the West as — an entity that lost its spirit and became a target for the bloodthirsty Islamic fascism, which regards the West as the biggest devil that threatens Arab lifestyle from its core.

Here is where we should realize that these controversial leaders are not talking based on their own whims. They are neither stating nor proposing or even speaking whatever crosses their minds.

Every violent or calm attitudes and statements emerge from the policies that they adopt, which are prepared by philosophers who stand behind the new fascist presidents.

By Ali Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil

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