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Fake universities & degrees


One of the ridiculous, ironic things practiced by the hardliners is the contradiction in their lives. They are always critical of the West, its culture and lifestyle and warn young people against following their culture or imitate them, however once one of them falls sick, he rushes to their countries, this includes men of all religious groups.

We also notice this contradiction when they want to confirm the validity of something or a saying. We find them citing Western references and their laboratories and their scientists. How many Western laboratories have confirmed that the wings of a fly can be used in medicine but when it becomes necessary to obtain a prestigious degree, they are attracted to educational institutions such as the American University in Athens, Columbus and the American International School for Technology, and so on.

When the scandal of false diplomas and degrees surfaced, it turned out that there was no university in the United States to award doctorate degrees in Islamic studies, such as the University of Columbus, which was exposed by the famous American program “60 Minutes” in one of the episodes, and revealed that those who ran this university were behind the bars for issuing false certificates to the extent a certificate was even granted to a dog, without the knowledge of the administration.

It is the same university that moved its office from one state to another because of its bad reputation after the FBI pursued it where it was established. It has no qualified professors to grant academic certificates except Shannon O’Brien who granted herself a doctorate from the same university, and granted the same at the same time to hundreds of ‘fake’ doctors, and some of these certificates were issued for people in Dubai for $4,200.

When the issue of the university was revealed, the Saudi cleric Khalid al-Khleiwi burned his doctorate degree from the Columbus University in public in front of the worshippers in response to a campaign to expose the holders of this certificate in Saudi Arabia.

The most famous of those who hold a doctorate from this university in Kuwait is a hard-line preacher, who did not accept to follow the example of Al-Khleiwi and others who admitted to holding false certificates, and posted a video clip on YouTube, stating that he received his certificate from America in Sharia and in Arabic, and that the certificate was accredited by the competent authorities there, and in Kuwait but it has not been recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education.

Of course the modest level of his real education did not give him chance to notice the contradiction in his speech. How to ratify the certificates in two countries and its equivalence not approved in one?

How does an American university issue a certificate in Islamic law in Arabic? There are many stories about such universities, one of which was told by Mahmoud Safar, the former minister of Hajj, and Muhammad Rashid, the former Saudi minister of education.

They first mentioned that he sent a delegation to America for the purpose of running a check on certain universities, and found that the office of one university is just a room and it grants certificates almost free.

Among these fake universities that have been mentioned and that has attracted so many for years, is “Columbus”, which is one of the most famous deceptions. Those who hold certificates from this university must announce openly that they have done away with such degrees. Will our Kuwaitis do it?

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By Ahmad alsarraf

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