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Fake, bankrupt preachers

Ahmad Al-Sarraf

Religious festivals and holidays, especially Ramadan, are an opportunity for many, whether they are fasting families breaking the fast together for almost a month, producers of TV serials, food producers, café owners providing sheesha or beggars and many others who make their best during such occasions foremost of them satellite TV channels, especially those which have become famous for all wrong reasons over the past thirty years.

With the silencing of the trumpets of extremism, the cessation of calls for jihad, the nonexistence of military ‘showdowns’ along the Turkish- Syrian border, the disclosure of abnormal desires and slitting the throats of some of the followers of certain doctrines and taking revenge without any fault of the victims, calls for destruction and arming and training 12,000 Kuwaiti fighters to participate in an absurd war among rival factions in Syria. “Most of these people have now bitten their tongues and preferred to remain silent at this stage.

At this stage, many of them are reappearing and are being exposed and their evil deeds, with no purpose other than making money and shedding the blood of innocent people, destroying their homes and bringing to the innocent untold misery.

Therefore, we see their support declining with their reputation in tatters following profound whirlwind political changes which have hit the region like the slap in the face of those who have traded with the fate and the lives of others.

These people are no more than traders of goods to gather more wealth. We see one of these persons promoting the poultry products of certain company and gives advice to people who are fasting to eat this product during Ramadan and another person claims that mixing incense with perfume is better than using them separately. He also uses the name of the Prophet (PBUH) in his cheap propaganda to promote his goods while yet another declares, in a rude way, that using perfume from a certain company is from Islam.

When one of them discovered the extent of his absurdity, and after making millions from his appearances in these cheap ads, he appeared in another video apologizing for his mistake, and begging forgiveness from Allah for appearing in that commercial advertising.

Here people knew how bad he was and how his thoughts were empty and how he fooled the people to follow him and poured their money in front of such people after they have become similar to fashionistas, but silly and absurd people who promote the chicken of Amr and incense of Arifiand perfume Khalid. When will this nation awaken from its slumber and throw these absurd people into the sea, as the West did two centuries ago? Note: When America announced and transferred its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, we did not hear a word of condemnation from any one of the most famous preachers, especially the wealthy. The reason is well-known to you.

By Ahmad Al-Sarraf

email: habibi.enta1@gmail.com

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