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Failure of idea & thought

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Any free thinker who studies the movements of Brotherhood soon discovers the truth except us in Kuwait.

Few studies have delved into the search for patterns of relationship between the leaders of the terrorist organization and the rest of its cadres, including a study by the Egyptian academician Muhammad Shouman, in which he highlighted the intellectual and political stagnation of the ‘Brotherhood’ and the limited interest of its leadership in organizational activities and financing at the expense of renewal of ideas, programs and policies which has led to and will always lead to their failure to govern.

Shouman pointed out that one of the Brotherhood’s permanent concerns is what he called the ‘empowerment of governance’, and therefore they have always sought, with absurd haste, to implement the policies of hegemony over the state, monopolization of governance, and controlling the institutions and society.

With the horrific fall of their rule in Egypt in 2013, they got the shock of their life which revealed the depth of their intellectual and organizational backwardness and pushed them to a state of denial and resistance through terrorism and launching media campaigns and war propaganda that lacked credibility.

As a result of their failure to influence the Egyptian public opinion, they were exposed as a group that employ Islam for its interests and does not care about the people’s problems or the priorities of democracy, justice and security.

Therefore, the Egyptians supported the army to reject the Brotherhood’s subversive plans and this deprived them of the social incubator that supported them or sympathized with them, and they found, for the first time in the history of their clashes with the state that the majority stood against them, and all of this because of their intellectual and organizational inertia.

The researcher says the Brotherhood, after 80 years, is still hostage to Hassan al-Banna’s speeches and messages, and they have not changed much. Rather, their extremism has increased with the spread of Sayyid Qutb’s thought among them, his call for the alienation of society, the use of violence and extremism in opinion and position.

The effects of this intellectual stagnation can be seen in the poor choice of their leaders in various countries, including Kuwait, where they search and support the least loving personalities in society, the most money-loving and those who have an innate willingness to change their colors like chameleons even at the cost of self-respect.

The recent events in Tunisia, after what happened to them earlier in the Sudan, the UAE and others, confirm the approaching end of the Brotherhood. Some believe that their fall in Tunisia was not surprising, but rather delay in discovering the truth.

As usual, they have sought, since the first day of their rule, to implement the policy of “empowerment” and the exclusion of the other, ignoring the urgent needs of citizens, committing the same mistakes they made in Egypt and the Sudan.

The humility of their thought prevented them from learning from their previous mistakes. They are adept at plotting and gaining power, but they fail in managing and running the affairs of the state. During the period when they had control over Tunisia, the currency almost lost its value because of their quest to let the economy go downwards, putting loyalty before efficiency.

And let us not put out from our memory Saddam’s invasion and occupation of our homeland, which coincides on August 2, and the crimes the occupier committed against us, and the crimes of those who publicly supported him with against us, including ‘Rached Ghannouchi’.

It is truly painful and truly unfortunate to note that some of the Brotherhood traitors in Kuwait stood with Ghannouchi today after he lost the rule in Tunisia.

We recall that almost everyone discovered the truth about the Brotherhood, and their conspiracy against their homelands and we are still waiting for this revelation.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

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