Factory visa transfer & Parents don’t meet salary requirements can the baby delivered in Kuwait

I would really appreciate if you can help me with the queries I have mentioned below.

1. Is there any upcoming rule that we can transfer factory visa to company visa even if the employee has not completed 3 years.

2. My wife is expecting a baby this year. Both of our salaries are less than KD 250 individually. But if we both collate our salary the total is more than KD 250. What are the requirements to sponsor our child without any issues.

Name withheld

Answer: Currently, rules in place clearly state that you can’t transfer the factory visas, except to another factory visa, and we so far have no knowledge of any moves to change the status of these rules in the near future.

On the second question, about residence, for your baby we would like to clarify once again that once both the parents are in Kuwait on work permits the salaries of the parents play no part in the residence of the child. It doesn’t matter what the parents are earning, whether they meet the salary ceiling or not, nor is there any need to club the parents salaries. This condition is totally waived.

You will need the following documents to get the residence of the baby.

1. Passport copy of your baby or the copy of the passport in which the baby’s name has been endorsed

2. Civil IDs of you and your wife

3. An affidavit, attested by your embassy and Kuwait’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Shuwaikh confirming your relation with the person for whom you want the visa.

4. Your flat rental contract

5. Your work permit (showing you earning a salary of at least KD 250) Just attach these to an application and apply for the visa

6. Birth certificate of the baby (translated into Arabic and endorsed by your country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, your embassy in Kuwait and the Kuwait Foreign Ministry in Shuwaikh).

But if the baby is born in Kuwait — you have not stated where the child will be delivered — you only need to get the birth certificate endorsed from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Attach all the above documents to an application and submit the same to the Immigration Department in your area. You should have no problems if you can supply the above documents.

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