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Thursday , March 23 2023

Expertise of 60-yrs-old required; Eliminate visa trading

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KUWAIT CITY, Nov 13: Chairman of the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) Muhammad Al-Saqer affirmed that Kuwait which has invested in the expertise of the residents who are between 60 and 70, has the right to continue to benefit from this denomination of employees, as international studies have proven the expertise of this group of workers cannot be dispensed with easily. Al-Saqer said in a press statement that Kuwait views the issue of reforming the employment structure and demographics as a three dimensional national issue, the first of which is the most important approach to reforming the state public budget and strengthen the basic conditions in the area of national identity to make Kuwait a productive country.

Chairman of the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry Muhammad Al-Saqer

These dimensions are represented in reforming the structure of employment and demographics, not through “fragmented and unthoughtful decisions’ but through an integrated long-term plan based on Kuwait’s needs and its development model. He explained the second dimension revolves around the fact that most of the jobs done by the “sixty-year old and above” do not attract employment at least for the time being. He noted, it would have been more useful to direct efforts towards eliminating the phenomenon of visa trade which the country witnessed during the Corona pandemic — the shocking facts and dangerous repercussions disclosed visa trade put the burden on the health services which could have been reduced to at least half but it is still a single decision that falls outside the context of the comprehensive plan to reform the demographic structure.

Al-Sager said that ‘expelling’ expatriate workers from the country is surprising; exempting the holders of the Palestinian nationality is a generous and appreciative approach, and including other Arab nationalities who live in their respective countries in harsh conditions will be a welcome sign. He went on to say, “I very much hope that the political leadership will have a final word on this issue that will put matters back on their scientific track in light of Kuwait’s interest and the values of justice and humanity.” , (KUNA)

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