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Sunday , November 27 2022

Expats should pay traffic fines before traveling

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KUWAIT CITY, Aug 3: The Ministry of Interior intends to issue a decision to ban expats from traveling out of Kuwait unless they pay traffic violation fines. In addition, the ministry wants to link with other ministries to stop all kinds of services for Kuwaitis and expats who have traffic violations until those violations are paid and transactions are completed.

This type of service is offered in many Gulf countries. The traffic department is considering submitting this proposal to the Minister of Interior Sheikh Thamer Al Ali to collect traffic violations accumulated by Kuwaiti citizens and expatriates which are estimated in millions of Dinars, reports Al Rai. There are a large number of violators either imprisoned or have died, also a large number of expats have left the country permanently. 

Sources stated that a suggestion has been made to prevent expats leaving the country without paying traffic fines by setting special offices at land, sea and air ports for collection. Also, linking the data will prevent violating vehicles to leave land ports, specially when there is no law to prevent violating Kuwaiti citizens from traveling. 

Traffic department is also studying the possibility of sending text messages via SMS to violators phone immediately as soon as a violation is issued, so that they are informed and know what type of violation and how much is the fine. So that he should pay immediately instead of letting it accumulate. 

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