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Wednesday , September 30 2020

‘Expats role vital in Kuwait success’ – ‘Don’t make expats scapegoats’

“ONCE you have identified all the possible root causes for your problem, you will then be able to solve 50 percent of the problem you face in life, be it individuals or institutions, and the problem of expatriates is one of the issues that pops up from time to time, and often the issue becomes emotional but no real solutions have been presented over the last so many years,” columnist, Abdulaziz Al-Kandari wrote for Al-Rai daily.

Abdulaziz Al-Kandari

There are so many expatriates who have played a significant role in the past and do the same at the moment, especially many of them from various communities — Egyptian, Filipino, Indian and other nationalities who work in the front rows beside Kuwaiti doctors and nurses, and some of them have sacrificed their lives for the sake of Kuwait.

As for what happened in the social media, it is really a bullying of the weak expatriates who cannot defend themselves. It is not an honor to speak about a person without giving him an opportunity and being able to defend himself, and we have seen several video clips of assaulting expatriates a few days ago for some trivial reasons.

Yes, it is true that we live in exceptional circumstances — and this puts pressure on people — but the discourse in various media and social media has helped a lot.

Rather than talking about immigrants and looking at them with this negative view, why do we not improve their living conditions that are appropriate for the human being, and the idea of publishing some abusive clips about a certain community is not evidence of the badness of all the members of this community, but unfortunately we note from some media outlets focusing on some communities distract us from the main issues in the state.

Today, any community and people living on the planet are the same as others. You find good and bad people, but highlighting the elements of certain qualities and looking with one eye, here lies the problem, and the generalization of the negative view on everyone, and unfortunately from people who were supposed to be fair or else they move away from their objectivity.

We still need expatriates urgently because we do not have enough numbers of citizens to do certain jobs they occupy, for example the medical field as there are many new hospitals that have not been operating and one of the reasons is the lack of medical personnel, or in the field of education, we still need teachers because Kuwaiti competencies are not sufficient to meet the needs, and there are many other examples.

When we manage our state and personal funds, we search for the best qualifications without looking at nationality, but rather the criterion for efficiency because it is our own money and we are keen to develop and grow it. Their competence is beside Kuwaiti youth, and the majority of CEOs in many of the world’s largest companies are from the Asian community.”

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