Friday , December 14 2018

Expats refuse to rectify status, leave despite grace extension

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 28: Ministry of Interior announced the extension of grace period given to residency law violators for two months ending April 22, because the initial amnesty period did not bring out the anticipated outcome—especially as only about 10-15 percent of the target beneficiaries exploited the opportunity, reports Al-Rai daily.

The daily quoting a security source wondered if the new grace period serves any purpose at all, because the reality shows the affected expatriates are not ready to regularize their status or leave the country, although the Ministry of Interior considers extension of the grace period as a compassionate aspect of Kuwait and a humanitarian and civilized aspect of dealing with expatriates.

He noted the ministry has yet to give specific reasons why the supposed beneficiaries did not make use of the opportunity. He observed the ministry itself does not have sufficient information as to why the decision meant to allow the violators amend their status or leave the country unhindered could not yield results, indicating a small number of those 154,000 violators have benefited from the decision so far.

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