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‘European nations correct to deport some asylum-seekers’ – ‘Perverts, radicals pose threat’

Dr-Khaled-AljenfawiAccording to a recent report by the Arab Times “ Sweden said it expects to expel up to 80,000 migrants whose asylum requests will likely be rejected. As the continent grapples with efforts to stem a record flow of migrants, Swedish Interior Minister Anders Ygeman said the mass expulsions of people who arrived in the Scandinavian country last year would require the use of specially chartered aircraft. The deportations would be scattered over several years, Ygeman said” (Arab Times, Jan 31, 2016).

The Swedish reaction to the influx of hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers represents one side of similar reactions by the rest of European countries like Austria, Germany, Denmark and France. In addition to straining the economies of European countries, the apparently unstoppable flow of migrants will create more negative reactions among European citizens, perhaps contributing ultimately to the rise of far right political parties.

For example, the mass sex attacks on women during the celebration of New Year’s Eve in Cologne, and the reporting of similar attacks in Sweden are forcing European authorities to take dramatic measures to curb such crimes. I argued in an article published earlier in Arab Times that “some European societies are facing difficulties integrating some (already settled) migrants because these people refuse to integrate into mainstream Western culture.

Such individuals refuse to integrate and insist on imposing some of their anti-democratic and anti-Western cultural biases on European societies.” What is however disturbing about the recent crimes allegedly committed by some asylum seekers is that a group of young asylum seekers started to grope women during public celebration, a criminal phenomenon common in some parts of the Middle East. Moreover, the spread of sexual harassment during public celebrations in some European cities and towns represent a social and a cultural anachronism, which shocks most Europeans.

These recent sexual harassment crimes, reportedly committed by some migrants, underline more serious problems facing European societies today: the inability or unwillingness of some refugees to adhere to European social and cultural norms, the apparent lack of respect for European laws and the anti-social activities toward Western societies. Europe is facing today one of its most dangerous challenges since WW II, dealing with a flood of non-European refugees, some of whom blatantly refuse to integrate into the mainstream European culture. In fact, it is difficult to predict the future and potential negative consequences of the influx of migrants into Europe.

For example, the forced Islamisation of Europe is becoming a real nightmare and a clear and present danger to European identity, the sudden eruption of social clashes between European citizens and the newly arrived. European governments should be able to deal with the problem of asylum seekers on their own, and not wait to reach a European consensus on this very dangerous situation. I applaud the efforts of the Swedish, Danish and Finnish governments in their determination to limit the number of migrants, and expel and deport those who do not deserve a second chance.

Twitter: @aljenfawi1969
By Khaled Aljenfawi

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