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Thursday , October 28 2021

Eurofighter deal soiled

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 22: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Sheikh Ahmed Al-Mansour has submitted a report on the violations related to the purchase of the Eurofighter jets, reports Al-Rai daily quoting legal sources. According to these sources, “The report makes a mention of a number of senior officials – including a former minister, current and retired officials from the ministry – who have abused their positions.”

The sources pointed out that what stands out in the report is the accusation that some officials have taken advantage of their positions to intentionally and illegally, what the report called ‘inflate’ the value of the armament contracts to benefit from the money spent by the state, in addition to exceeding the powers entrusted to them by not obtaining the required regulatory approvals to embezzle public money.

The Al-Rai daily was the first to open the file of military aircraft deals over the years and in 2015 it demanded in an editorial 2015 it demanded in an editorial ‘The Eurofighter Deal … the commission’ on the front page not to conclude the deal that exceeded $9 billion, and talked about violations and commissions. The daily said, the sources have praised the step taken by Minister Al-Mansour, describing it as “bold and in harmony with the oath he has taken, especially since 3 defense ministers successively took over the ministry before him, Khaled Al-Jarrah, Muhammad Al-Khaled and Nasser al-Sabah. The source added, the minister is determined to proceed with this file and to refer any violations to the concerned authorities to take legal measures against any person who is proven guilty of embezzling public money.

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