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Tuesday , January 25 2022

‘Ethiopian maids slaughter young girls for better future’ – ‘Don’t renew residence permit’

KUWAIT CITY, May 18: The Deputy Director-General for Criminal Investigations Department Brigadier Mohammad Al Sharhan is said to have submitted a report on the atrocities committed by the Ethiopian women in Kuwait to the Undersecretary for Criminal Security Affairs at the Ministry of Interior Major-General Abdulhamid Al-Awadhi with a request not to renew the residence permit for all Ethiopian women working in the country to help Kuwait get rid of them within two years, reports Al-Anba daily.

The report contains details of heinous crimes said to have been committed by these women over the past few years including premeditated murders, etc. The report includes details about the murder of a Lebanese woman in Nugra, murder of a young woman in Jaber Al- Ali who was about to get married, another murder in Sulaibikhat and the heinous crime which was committed in Andalus. The report also states some members of the Ethiopian community, particularly women, believe in sacrifices, including humans for a better livelihood, blessings or forgiveness.

The report says, in criminal case No. 51/2008 an Ethiopian housemaid premeditatedly killed her Lebanese female sponsor by slitting her throat in Nugra and according to criminal case No. 26/2011 an Ethiopian maid killed the daughter of her Kuwaiti sponsor by stabbing her until she died. This case, which happened in Jaber Al-Ali is also recorded as premeditated murder. The report continues to say according to Case No. 22/2014, an Ethiopian maid stabbed to death the daughter of her Kuwaiti sponsor in Sulaibikhat and in case No. 23/2016 an Ethiopian maid premeditatedly murdered the daughter of her Kuwaiti sponsor using a knife. The report states the common factors in all the criminal cases.

The murders are premeditated and committed by Ethiopian maids using a knife; the victims are females and mostly Kuwaitis; the victims are unmarried women and one of them was murdered just a day before her marriage. In all cases investigations show there was a good relationship between the accused and the victims, and no evidence to prove otherwise has been found. Moreover, all the accused had been decently treated.

Due to the fact that the accused are employed as maids in Kuwaiti homes, the report stated, it is not possible to prevent the crime before it happens. The report also stated according to investigations some Ethiopian women believe there is a need to offer human sacrifice to bring livelihood or blessings or forgiveness, by slaughtering women preferably virgin. The report strongly recommends nonrenewal of residence permits of Ethiopian women to eradicate their presence in the country within two years.

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