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Friday , January 22 2021

‘Ethics … and women’s issues’


Kuwaiti politicians who are religious are divided into two categories – first, although few in number are distinguished with opportunism and intelligence, exploiting their religious affiliation to amass wealth and reach higher positions.

Because of their Machiavellian beliefs they pay no attention to the controversy over religious issues, and do not hesitate to mediate on behalf of a thief or a drunkard or a violator if he/she is from their group or represent an electoral vote.

The second category is the much bigger and most credible in religiosity, but it is exploited by the first category people and act under the pressure of oath and this makes its options narrow.

Its role is basically confined to what is called combating negative phenomena in society, defending the limits of religion, and to remain preoccupied with women’s issues.

For them, there is nothing more important than the woman’s hijab, decent clothes, work, retirement, marriage, positions, weaknesses and the need to make her stay at home and other matters.

It is therefore not strange to see that one of the most significant reasons for the fundamentalists’ opposition to liberals is the position of the latter towards women and their constant pursuit to ensure women get their full rights and independence with an active and effective role in society at par with men in terms of salaries and equality before the law and other vital matters.

While the hardliners argue that what the liberals call for and demand will disintegrate the society sooner than later followed by degeneration and increasing vice. Let us for a moment agree with their fears, and wonder if our societies are truly free from disintegration, vice and degeneration?

If the answer is yes, how did they know this disintegration compared to others in the absence of any official information or statistics? If the vice in our societies disappear, and with it the rest of the evils of backwardness, and will the ‘theft of millions’ and commercial fraud disappear.

And if we prevent women from leaving the house and work, will we be more prepared for the great battle with our Zionist and imperialist enemies?

If we impose the Islamic hijab on all women will it make our societies better and all the male government employees will abide by the working hours, perform their duties honestly, and vote for the best man during parliamentary and municipal elections or will they exploit the issue of human trafficking and others?

From all this we see that virtue, uprightness and honor are relative and highly complex issues that cannot be confined to the hijab and hair of women, but rather represent other vital issues that builds a nation or contributes to its collapse.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

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