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Saturday , November 26 2022

EPA rejects report on air quality index of Kuwait issued by US embassy

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KUWAIT CITY, April 26: The Environment Public Authority (EPA) insists that Kuwait’s airspace is not polluted, reports Aljarida daily. In a press statement, EPA urged the need for information platforms to verify the information they receive and strive for accuracy prior to disseminating them in order to avoid legal accountability. EPA issued the statement in response to the reports circulated by some information platforms on social media, citing the pollution index published by the Embassy of the United States of America in Kuwait.

As per the index, the level of pollution in the airspace of the State of Kuwait has reached the fourth stage whereby the atmosphere is considered unhealthy for the members of the society. EPA explained that the pollution index of the US Embassy does not monitor all types of pollutants but specializes in measuring dust particles of 2.5 microns size only. The results of the monitoring of the dust particles by the device used are then compared with the standards of the US Environmental Protection Agency.

There is a big difference between the national standards of Kuwait, which take into account dust storms of natural origin, and the standards of the US Environmental Protection Agency that focus on dust particles of industrial origin. Through the 15 monitoring stations distributed in all governorates of Kuwait, all types of gaseous pollutants and falling dust of sizes 2.5 and 10 microns are monitored. The air quality index is published on the official website of the authority.

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