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Wednesday , October 20 2021

Engineers to work as teachers

KUWAIT CITY, July 6: Head of Kuwait Society of Engineers (KSE) Eng. Faisal Al- Attal says the Minister of Education Dr. Ali Al-Mudhaf has promised to follow up on the society’s proposals to approve allowances for the engineering cadre in the sites affiliated to the ministry, reports Al-Qabas daily. In a press statement, Eng. Al-Attal explained that Dr. Al-Mudhaf received the society’s delegation and listened to a proposal related to rehabilitation of engineers to work in the educational sector and fill the ministry’s need for teachers in scientific disciplines. It was agreed with the Minister of Education to hold a memorandum of cooperation between the society and the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training (PAAET) to rehabilitate, qualify, test and accredit the owners of the supporting engineering professions. He said, “The draft memorandum of cooperation with the authority will allow the use of the authority’s laboratories to qualify technical and engineering professions. We have seen a great interest from the Minister of Education to disburse allowances for Kuwaiti engineers working in the ministry and to ensure they are not stopped according to government directions and decisions.”

Regarding the initiative presented by the society, Eng. Al-Attal explained that it aims to fill the shortage of national cadres specialized in teaching scientific subjects such as physics, mathematics, chemistry, statistics, science and others. This will be done through a postgraduate program to qualify engineers to work in the teaching profession in the fields where there is shortage of teachers in the ministry. The initiative will provide job opportunities for dozens and even hundreds of Kuwaiti engineers who wish to work in the teaching profession in rare specialties and fill the deficit in these specializations. The mechanism for implementing the initiative will be through an intensive study program for a specific period during which the engineer will be granted a higher education degree through theoretical teaching in specialization subjects such as teaching methods and curricula, teaching aid and educational technology, preparation of an educational instructor (teacher), and field internship, which is then followed by appointment of engineers in schools

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