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‘End strife on power road’ – Liberals pursuing illusion

Ahmad Al-Sarraf
Some of the hardcore liberalists, not fake ones like me, believe that it is possible to control the Muslim Brotherhood Group and “tame” them. They think the Muslim Brotherhood Group leaders can be merged into the political flow after the ban on them is lifted. They argue that this group is similar to the Christian parties in Europe, which, over time, became close to the liberalist parties. They also think that the Muslim Brotherhood Group members will accept the rules of democracy and will also accept their defeat exactly like they received their victory.

I believe the abovementioned viewpoints are just an illusion. It might be the result of ignorance about the history of the Muslim Brotherhood Group. There might also be some hidden agendas which they cannot reveal.

It is indeed funny to compare the European Christian parties to the Muslim Brotherhood Group. Most of the European Christian parties did not emerge from terroristic backgrounds. They never used two crossed swords as their trademark to fill their enemies with horror. Most of the European parties were civil political parties, even though they were labeled as Christian.

Concerning the so-called phobia towards Muslim Brotherhood Group that some Arab governments have, this represents a real simplification of the relations shared between those authorities and the terroristic Muslim Brotherhood Group. The latter has been involved in many assassinations and terrorist actions for about 90 years and was also involved in several bloody coups that affected more than one country. The devastation and displacement in Syria is a testament to the crimes of the Muslim Brotherhood Group.

The Western political parties were established based on the principles of enlightened thinkers such as John Locke, Jan Jack Russo, Thomas Hobbes and Emanuel Cant. On the other hand, the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood Group was formed by Hassan Al-Banna with his humble thinking and education as well as a large number of extremists such as Abu Al-Alaa Al-Mawdoudi, Abu Al-Kalam Azad and Sayed Qutab.

The issue has nothing to do with stubbornness or rejection of a class within the society represented in the Muslim Brotherhood Group and other religious movements.

Before someone asks us to accept the participation of Muslim Brotherhood Group in the political arena, we have to ask him to first call for reduction of their extremism and giving up their use of violence as a way of reaching the authority. Unless they change their basic stances and religious ideologies, such people cannot be trusted simply because they basically seek our extinction.


By Ahmad Al-Sarraf

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