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Tuesday , November 19 2019

End of Persian-Zionist axis of evil

WHATEVER Iran took with its right hand from the nuclear deal will be paid by its left hand with the ballistic missile program. This is what the Mullah regime failed to realize when it assumed that the deal with the six major nations was a divine and historic victory, and global submission to the will of Iran.

This prompted the regime to extend its wickedness by carrying out terrorist and expansionism plans in the Arab world; whereas the reality is that the deal was part of the American-Zionist strategy to fulfill the requirements of Israel’s national security as set by David Ben-Gurion’s theory.

The former Israeli prime minister said, “Nuclear weapons will not secure the existence of Israel. Instead, division of major Arab countries, civil wars and internal conflicts are the only guarantees for our dominance over the Arab world.”

Undoubtedly, for the past eight years, Israel has been convinced that the Iranian-Israeli conflict of interest has reached the end; especially after the failure of the peacock’s delusional regime in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Bahrain and the eastern region of Saudi Arabia.

This regime failed to achieve the Zionist objectives and divide major Arab countries — especially Egypt whose people revolted on June 30, 2013 against the historic ally of the Mullah and Muslim Brotherhood Group to retrieve their country which was hijacked on the night of Jan 25, 2011.

This includes Libya where the death of the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ was pronounced.

With regard to Syria, the regime in Iran has bitterly realized that it was just a pawn in the major league. Here it is in Lebanon where it reaps disappointment as pledges of revolts started forming against ‘Hezbollah’ even in its own turf.

In Iraq, its people have started to wake up from a long slumber. It is now returning to its natural Arab environment, four years after toppling the legitimate government. This is in addition to using Iranian missiles to infiltrate the southern frontier of the Gulf — the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which foiled the expansionism scheme with the help of its fellow Gulf countries.

This major failure of Iran has prompted Israel to review its ideology, particularly since it found itself on the verge of drowning in the sea of Arabs whose population has reached about 400 million — 14 million of them are Palestinians in the occupied land; whereas the Jews in the world reached 13 million and eight million are in the occupied Palestine.

This means it is impossible for eight million Jews to control 400 million Arabs or 20 countries, so they resorted to peace which they have been avoiding over the past decades.

Today, we see the United States of America, and Western countries in general, heading towards trimming Iran’s nails in the region after playing its role. This will be through a massive military operation which is being prepared now. It will start with surgical strikes on targets inside Iran — followed by campaigns against its militias in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon.

This operation will end with the help of Iranians, who are angry at the Mullah regime, through revolution and then toppling of the regime. This entails the end of Iran’s nightmare and putting pressure on Israel to accept peace which will definitely be the start of its demise.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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