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Emotional infrastructure – ‘Stay alive, stay free’

Intisar Al-Matouq
don’t know how to tell you this, but when it comes to emotions, you need to maintain its composition and fabric because neither cement nor foam can fill your heart or your dignity when it breaks or collapses.

Make the fabric of your emotions firm, intact and solid. Make it coherent, balanced and harmonic.

Some focus on strengthening their intellectual composition by reading a lot so that they can build their mind and equip it with great information. Such people are the ones who show great interest in culture, which opens and expands their horizon of thinking.

Some focus on strengthening their body’s fabric by consuming food that is healthy and good for the body, practicing activities that supposedly delay aging and following nutrition that is said to keep the body away from doctors.

It is safe to say that majority of the people focus on fortifying the intellect, body and anything else but the emotional fabric which needs barricades, fortresses and military force to defend it from breaking or collapsing, or rather falling into the dungeons of sympathy and self pity.

It is the kind of people who monopolize their emotions for a single person to whom they pour out their heart, soul and spirit and whom they consider as being everything for and to them, while others are just artificial — made of artificial clay.

However, when “the one” fails to reciprocate the fountain of emotions that gushes from such people, the latter find that their entire emotional tower crumbles and its pillars melt. If only the composition and fabric were well-maintained, no brick would have fallen from the castle.

When will we understand that we cannot blame a person when we become disappointed by our hopes on that person? Instead, blame the hope itself for failing to properly read the warning sign.

Do not pour your feelings into a single cup save some for yourself because those who filled the cups of others with love ended up dying thirsty.

Whenever emotional ties have to be detached or when you realize that the cup you are trying to fill cannot hold anything, just fall on your knees and ask God for forgiveness – because you loved someone more than Him and their whims overwhelmed your wits, and you faced them instead of facing the one who created them.

O’ my friend who is suffering from worn-out love, kindly care for your emotions. Perhaps your failure to feel your emotions causes you to fail in recognizing its actual needs.

Keeping yourself intact as a whole especially your emotions will protect you whenever things get emotionally bitter. Understand your emotions and make its composition and fabric firm and solid.

Intact emotional infrastructure will fight for us; it is necessary in order for us to stay alive, for us to stay free!

By Intisar Al-Matouq

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